bobbi-brown-lip-crayonsNot a lip liner, as I’d first assumed, these are actually a lipstick-like formula, in a pencil form. Sounds like a great idea to me: I’m forever using lip-liners as lipstick (the colours always seem to suit be better, and the application is much more precise), but because they’re not designed to be worn that way, they tend to be very drying.

These Bobbi Brown Lip Crayons ARE designed to be worn over the full lip, so should feel much more comfortable, and each one comes with its own sharpener which is also good news if, like me, you’re prone to losing these things.

All I’d ask would be a wider selection of colours: at the moment there’s only six to choose from, but if one of those six works for you, you can buy these at Neiman Marcus, where they’re $22.

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  1. Hey Amber, just a heads up, Google reader doesn’t seem to be picking up any of your posts since you changed platforms. I tried unsubscribing and then subscribing again but it still doesn’t want to show any posts past July 31st.

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