collective-wellbeing-moistuA couple of days ago I noticed that the skin on my legs was looking a bit dry, so I decided it was time to get out the body lotion. I can be really lazy about this: an awful lot of lotions take a long while to absorb, and there never seems to time in my life to sit around naked, waiting for a product to soak in, so all too often I go without. Bad Dollface.

Anyway, the dry skin situation couldn’t be ignored, so I reached for this product by Collective Wellbeing, which has been in the bathroom cabinet for a few weeks now, but which I hadn’t yet used. And wow, I really wish I hadn’t waited so long. As well as absorbing quickly enough to keep even me happy, this just smells delicious. Literally. As in “I could eat it”.

The formula is watercress/jojoba, but the scent is sweet, fruity and just all round edible. I didn’t eat it, though. No, instead I applied it to my poor old dry skin, and have been using it ever since. Already the dryness has gone, and my skin feels smoother and softer, so now all I have to do is remember to keep on using it.

It’s by Collective Wellbeing, and it uses jojoba to provide oil that’s almost identical to that produced by your skin, albeit with a much better smell and ingredients like organic watercress and vitamins A and C to help it along. Get it here.


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