boots-extravagant-lashes-maWhile the site was down last week, what do you think I was doing? Why, trying out mascara, of course! Isn’t that what I’m ALWAYS doing?

This week was the turn of Boots No. 7’s new Extravagant Lashes mascara, and as you can imagine, the name alone got me pretty excited. All lashes should be extravagant, don’t you think?

Extravagance is what this product claims to provide. Or, in Boots’ own words:

“Extravagant loading for luxurious volume and a memory polymer that lifts and curls lashes.”

As with most mascaras, it does all of this by virtue of the brush, which, in this case, is square. (But not pink. I’m not sure why the product image shows a bright pink wand, but the one I was sent is most definitely black). Now, I don’t think I’ve ever used a square mascara wand before, so read on to find out how I got on…

First impressions were great, in that the wand comes out of the mascara tube with a really satisfying POP! Of course, I know that’s neither here nor there in the great scheme of things (although it does mean that the seal is a good one, and hopefully the product won’t dry out too quickly), but it did please me. So I pulled it in and out a few times, before getting on with actually applying it to my lashes.

Despite my curiosity about the square brush, I was also a little apprehensive about how easy it would be to use, and I was right to be: it’s big and a little bit unwieldy, and I found it difficult to coat the lashes in the corners of my eye with it: eventually I turned it on its side and used the very tip of the wand to do this.

Once on, however, things started to look better. This mascara makes my lashes look thicker and a little longer: what I didn’t notice was any lifting or curling action, and the curl I’d already put in with my eyelash curler was pulled out after a few minutes of wearing this. (In the photo above I don’t have my lashes curled, as I’d already realised there was no point). This has been the case with almost every mascara I’ve tried, though, so I wasn’t particularly surprised by it. After a couple more coats, my lashes did start to turn up at the ends a little more, though.

On the plus side, this is smooth and non-flaky, and although it’s not a waterproof formula, it lasts all day. As I got used to the square brush, I found it easier to use, too, and the shape of this wand seems to create much less mess on the eyelids and surrounding area (I’m the kind of person who can’t seem to apply mascara without getting it everywhere, but there was virtually no residue on my skin with this at all, which was great). Overall, I think this is a good daytime mascara, and excellent at creating volume – just maybe not quite as extravagant as I’d like.

Extravagant Lashes launches on August 12th: get it at Boots.

  1. you said the mascara wand was black and not pink, did you not realise this was because the wand has the mascara product on it? if you was to clean the wand then it would be pink.

  2. I got this mascara last week! Oh how I wish I hadn’t bothered spending the £6.50 (£5 off voucher!) on it! So clumpy and wet and horrible. Think I’ll go back to my zillion times more expensive but way better Benefit!

    1. I bought this mascara and was extremely aggitaged and very furious when i tried it for the first time as i usually use the loreal one and its ace! I thought that i would give the mascara a second try as i thought it would just be a case of getting used to it. Oh how wrong i was, this mascara is a demon. Its cloggy, sticky and the wand is rubbish. One thing i would say to anyone who wants this, DONT FALL FOR THE ADVERT OR THE FANCY ADVERTISMENT OF THE NEW SQUARE WAND. Just stick to your old and trusty or buy the lorel one as i have never had one bit of problems and it does actually enhance your lashes brilliantly.

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