Solid perfume. We saw a whole lot of versions of it stuck inside pendants and other necklaces last year, but now Michael Kors has gone and made one into a ring. What WILL those crazy kids think of next?

I jest, of course: I’m pretty sure solid fragrance rings have been around since long before Michael Kors ‘Very Hollywood’ came along, but here it is, anyway. Neiman Marcus describes this as “discreet”, which is kinda funny given that it’s a whopping great ring, but hey. (I wonder what you do if the ring doesn’t fit? I have tiny little fingers, you see: not much DOES fit.)

The fragrance itself features mandarin, iced bergamot, wet jasmine, ylang-ylang, raspberry, gardenia, orris, creamy amber, soft white moss and vetiver, which sounds lovely. It is, of course, available in various different formats, but this one costs $40 and is available at Neiman Marcus and other outlets.

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