My dad will be so proud…*

A few weeks ago, I was talking to my dad, and my dad said something that really struck a chord with me. It was this:

“Don’t hesitate to buy shoes,” said my dad. “Buy all of them. Especially those ones with the red soles.”

OK, so I’m paraphrasing here. I think he might ACTUALLY have said something about seizing the day, living life to the full, not putting off until tomorrow what you can do today, and all that. And I think the “not putting stuff off” bit might have been in reference to all of the STUFF belonging to me that’s still in my parents’ attic and my old bedroom.

But I chose to interpret it as “buy shoes”.**


It was my dad’s fault.

Am I grounded?


*Possibly not

** ON SALE, though! SALE.

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  • Reply August 19, 2009


    Those shoes are awesome! But were I to tell my dad that I bought shoes because he told me so, he'd just laugh at me. :)

    • Reply August 19, 2009


      Oh, so will mine, trust me! He’s already spent a lot of time going “No! I didn’t mean shoes! Not shoes!”
      .-= Amber´s last blog ..My dad will be so proud…* =-.

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    Amanda Nicole

    Yowsah, those are HOT!
    .-= Amanda Nicole´s last blog .. =-.

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    Hahaha, love it. Those are killer!x
    .-= LionLovingTiger´s last blog ..My first tag :) =-.

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    I completely agree that "Don't put off stuff" can be equated to "Buy all shoes" in the same way that when someone tells me "You know Alasdair you really should go to the gym more often" I equate that to "Hey Alasdair mate! Have a nice glass of wine and listen to that new CD you bought. Looking good".

    Last week I was shoe shopping and was wondering whether to buy the brown leather shoes or the black ones and I thought "What would Amber do?" perhaps for the first time – no offense meant. So I bought them both and a couple of pairs of trainers.

    Now I'm worried how many shoes I can own before I become a metrosexual and whether that is good or bad these days. God it's so confusing.

    • Reply August 19, 2009


      Ah, that’s EXACTLY what I would’ve done!

      If my lasting legacy in life is that people look at shoes and think, “WWAD?”, I’ll be happy with that. As for the metrosexual bit: hmmm. I’ll get back to you on that :)
      .-= Amber´s last blog ..My dad will be so proud…* =-.

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    If your dad said it, you had to do it. I understand.
    .-= Tracey´s last blog ..The finished product =-.

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    Just look at those shoes, though. Your father is clearly a very wise man and should be proud of this most excellent of ideas.

    I should stop staring at those shoes before I drool on my keyboard.
    .-= Leigh´s last blog ..Udderly Smooth Udder Cream =-.

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    I like your dad. Well, the paraphrased one anyway. Also, ‘WWAD’ is now my mantra, and when the Eccentric EnglishBoyfriend comments on my purchases I shall simply say “It was a WWAD situation”. Which unfortunately is going to be articulated as ‘wad’, which makes me think of balled up tissues.
    .-= Selina´s last blog ..Get your mod on =-.

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    LOL I like your way of thinking. I wish my dad would tell me wonderful things like seize the day etc etc. My dad accused me of being a lesbian because I am 23 and single….thanks dad! I'm not sure either how I can turn that comment around to mean "buy more shoes"
    .-= Karina´s last blog ..Portrait update =-.

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    Definitely. If someone were to tell me "seize the moment!" I would take that as "Do what you want to do!" which translates to me as: buy shoes. I can definitely see your train of thought here :D Nice shoes by the way!

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    :o They're gorgeous. I love the contrast between the tough studs and the cute strap.

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    Hm! That is QUITE a coincidence :) My dad use to say the exact same things. I mean the part about shoes, of course :) Ok, maybe also the part about my stuff still left behind, 10 years later, at my parents’s house… But in my defence, i did manage to bring all my shoes & clothes with me when i moved out…
    .-= Dana´s last blog ..Can a belt change a dress? =-.

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    Trust the parents for giving the best advices in life:)! The freedom to interpret other peoples words can be quite rewarding.

    I'm having a "shoe envy", soon I'll need to dig up my old hiking boots (no kidding), so long looking fine feeted like you. Must relocate to somewhere where one can wear shoes like that year around without freezing.

  • Reply August 20, 2009


    Hot hot hot. Hot hot hot hot hot.

    All a matter of interpretation, sister.

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    Those are the kind of shoes that make good things happen. You’d have been a fool not to buy them. And you can wear them with the green dress!
    .-= Gemma´s last blog ..I got Dollyrockered. =-.

  • Reply August 20, 2009

    Maz aka MallyMon

    Lovely shoes! I always listened very politely to my parents' advice (always!) and then just did my own thing. Saved a whole lot of conflict all round. In this case, however, I think your interpretation is spot on.

  • Reply August 20, 2009


    I love, love, love them :) Louboutins are so beauteous. I’m a bit scared to buy a pair, though… once you start, you can’t stop! ;)
    .-= Erin´s last blog ..Vintage Pick of the Week: Vivien of Holloway 1950s halter dress =-.

    • Reply August 21, 2009


      <blockquote cite="comment-5899">

      Erin: I’m a bit scared to buy a pair, though… once you start, you can’t stop!

      This is so, so true: they're like the Pringles of the shoe world!
      .-= Amber´s last blog ..My dad will be so proud…* =-.

  • Reply August 21, 2009


    Just in the interest of clarity the actual statement was "Never hesitate to buy your Dad BOOZE! The darn shoes are nice though. It is hard being a Dad.
    .-= paw´s last blog ..Bored By Whats On Board. =-.

  • Reply August 25, 2009


    Well, next time I come across a pair of Louboutins*, I'm afraid I'm going to start thinking "WWAD?", to the detriment of my wallet.

    *this has actually never happened, so I think for now I'm safe.
    .-= Veta´s last blog ..pants, resurrected from 1969 =-.

    • Reply August 25, 2009


      Ah, you're never truly safe from the lure of the Louboutin I'm afraid! And the answer to WWAD is always going to be "Buy them!" Or, you know, "Buy them FOR AMBER…"

  • Reply August 28, 2009


    Am. So. Jealous.

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