The Green Dress Cometh

Well, the replacement green dress arrived on Saturday morning (I waited all morning for the mail, so obviously it arrived the very second I switched on the shower. I wish I’d thought to do that earlier…) and I can report that All IsĀ  Well. Thankfully, this now concludes the period of my life where I spent an entire month writing about the same freaking dress, over and over again, GOD.

Slightly against my better judgement, but because some of you asked to see it, I now present what’s likely to be The Biggest Anti-Climax in the History of this Blog Ever:


Yes, it’s THAT dress. And actually? That’s not even the replacement dress. I was too lazy to take a photo of it, so this is actually a photo of the original, may it rest it peace. Wherever it is. (WHERE IS IT?!) I’m happy to have tracked down one just like it (only new! With tags!), but even so, I don’t think I will ever wear it now. That would just be ASKING for trouble…