I’ve said before that I’m a fan of Tweezerman, and particularly of their point tweezers, which are just the best things ever for getting at those little, hard to tweeze hairs. Sometimes, though, a slant tweezer is the best tool for the job, which is why this little kit will come in handy. As well as being min-sized, and therefore handy for travel (although trust me, there’s no way you’re getting these bad boys into the cabin of an aircraft with you – I bet the point tweezers could do some serious damage if you wanted them to!), they also come with a mirror and little sparkly pouch. If I didn’t already own eleventy-one sets of tweezers, some of which I’ve forgotten I even have, I’d be seriously tempted.

Tweezerman Mini Tweeze Set Brow Duo 2 Go, £20

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