‘Twilight’ Lip Venom from DuWop

twilight-lip-venomSo, I have no idea what the connection between ‘Twilight’ and plump lips is. I mean, I can see how this product looks suitably vampiric (did I just make up a word?), but other than that, I think we just have to assume that DuWop saw a bandwagon and wanted to make sure they were on it.

Their Twilight Venom combines their classic Lip Venom lip plumper with a red lip stain: the idea is that you shake it up before using it, in order to “represent the blending of the human and vampire worlds”. Um, OK, DuWop, I was really just looking to plump up my lips, but you know, whatever.

I didn’t get on with Lip Venom when I tried it a couple of years ago, but one thing I’ve learned about lip plumping products is that they work differently on every set of lips, so what works (or doesn’t work) for me may have a completely different effect on you. With that said, those who wish to blend the human and vampire worlds, and have nice red lips while they’re doing it, can buy Twilight Venom for $16 at Nordstrom.