avob-3-in-one-sharpnerMy makeup routine is such that I get through a lot of eyeliner. Also lip-liner. Oh, and my Urban Decay concealer is in a pencil, too.

Needless to say, then, my makeup box is full of sharpeners for all these pencils. And you know what? I NEVER seem to have one that’s the right size. My pencils vary in size from slim to huge, and I seem to have acquired a small selection that don’t fit ANY of the sharpeners I own, which is why I’m thinking of ordering this 3-in-one sharpener from Avon.

As you can tell from the name, this gives you three different sizes: yes, I know it looks like there’s only two holes in it, but the larger one contains a removable insert that you can pull out to make it bigger. Sounds like a good idea, especially when it only costs $2.99. Now to see if it’s available on the UK website…

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