Dior ‘Haute Couture’ Palette

Look at this:


Pretty sweet, no? I mean, I know palettes and I haven’t always seen eye to perfectly-made-up eye, but this palette puts other palettes to shame. (I’ve typed the word “palette” so many times now it’s started to look like a fake word to me. I hate it when that happens.) It’s all luxurious and leathery, and just a little bit beaten up, as if it’s travelled the world and has some stories to tell . Seriously, who even cares what’s inside it? Oh well, if you insist:


  • multitone sun powder for allover glow
  •  sculpting Golden Touch eye and cheek highlighter
  • juicy coral-melon tinted gloss
  • two brush applicators

It’s $80 at Nordstrom.

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