Doesn’t time fly when you’re not having any fun?

Well, here we are at the start of another month, folks. Can you believe it’s December already?!

Oh no, wait: it’s not December, is it? It just feels like it’s December, because last night I started doing December’s work – in addition to October’s, obviously. Yes, I am currently writing blog posts for December, and if you need me to explain how utterly depressing that is, I refer you to … oh, any post I’ve ever written here during the winter, in which I complain about how much I hate the winter. So, all of them, basically.

The reason for all of this writing-in-advance, mind you, is a little less depressing, and revolves around the fact that we’re hoping to take a holiday sometime in December, and go somewhere hot (NOT AUSTRALIA), or at least “warmer than here”. (STILL NOT AUSTRALIA). In order to do this, and take time off work, though, I need to either:

a) Clone myself

b) Do all of the work in advance

Terry tells me he will leave and never return if I try to clone myself, because one of me is more than enough, thanks very much, so that basically leaves me with option B. It’s not a great option, it has to be said. Mostly because I’ve been struggling a bit  with my workload as it is lately, so the thought of having to write an entire two week’s worth of blog posts on top of what I’m already doing is… well. Is it too early to start drinking, do you think? Oh, and I have to start now, because I try to do it a little bit at a time (like, one extra post per day) rather than all at the same time, which just isn’t possible without making myself ill/insane.

Such is the burden of the self-employed writer, though, and as much as I hate to complain about my job (not really), it’s at this time every year that I sometimes find myself wishing I had a normal job, with normal working hours, and someone to cover for me if I’m ever sick, or on holiday, or just fancy lolling around all day watching 90210 and Gossip Girl. That feeling only lasts a few seconds, mind you, because this is literally the ONLY downside I can think of to self-employment, and the many, many positive things about working for myself more than make up for it. That’s what I keep telling myself, anyway.

Also, and I know everyone says this, but the passage of time is really freaking me out. I mean REALLY freaking me out. Seriously: it’s October now? Really? Did we not just DO this? In a few weeks it’ll be Halloween, and I could swear it’s only been a couple of months at most since LAST Halloween. And the whole “planning the winter holiday” thing? Just did that. Just a few weeks ago, I’m sure of it. Cannot POSSIBLY be time to do it again. No way. Not unless someone has been messing with the time-space continuum or something. Has someone been doing that?  Maybe Rubin?

I’m scared to go to sleep now in case I wake up and I’m 90. Which, at the rate time is passing right now, will probably be next week.