expert-cuticle-removerEvery week here at Dollface Towers, a bitter war is waged. The war is between me and my cuticles, and most of the time, the cuticles win. Each week I try to remove them, and each week, I end up with ragged, dry-looking messes of cuticles, which seem to grow at an alarming rate. I’m determined not to let the cuticles beat me, though, so a couple of weeks ago I headed to Boots with the intention of working my way through their entire arsenal of cuticle removers until I found one that worked.

As it happened,the first one I found was also the cheapest, so I decided to start there, with Boots own-brand Expert Cuticle Remover, which is £3.75.

This is a really gritty formula, which feels more like an exfoliator than a cream. As with most cuticle removers, you simply apply it to the offending area, leave it for a minute or so and then gently push back the cuticles with an orange stick or something. I actually wasn’t expecting too much from this, but it worked better than I expected, and while it doesn’t totally remove the cuticles, it does leave them looking better than when they started, and without any ragged edges, either.

I’m not so happy with this that I’m calling off the search just yet, but if you have only mildly troublesome cuticles (As opposed to Cuticles of Doom, like I have), it could be a good place to start.

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