scholl-crackling-ice-foot-sI ran on a treadmill for ten kilometres yesterday. I’ll leave it up to your imagination just how how and, well, sweaty, my feet felt after THAT. Oh no, wait: I didn’t really leave it up to your imagination, did I? Sorry about that.

Help was at hand foot, however, because the lovely people at Scholl had sent me a bottle of their Crackling Ice Foot Spray just a couple of days earlier, and let me tell you, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

What it says on the tin:

“…an invigorating foot treat to revitalise hot, tired, aching feet. Its unique formulation turns into a crackling mousse on application – leaving your feet cool, refreshed and beautifully fragrance.”

It was the “crackling mousse” bit that intrigued me most about this. “I bet it won’t ACTUALLY crackle” said the cynic in me, but that cynic was silenced as soon as I sprayed this on, because yes, folks, it crackles. And how. As soon as it comes into contact with your skin it kinda froths up,  and starts fizzing. It’s a strange, but actually really pleasant, sensation, and I’m not embarrassed to admit that I sprayed on a little more of it than I probably should have, I was enjoying it THAT MUCH.

Once the crackling had died down, my feet were left feeling cool and soothed. This was a blessed relief after my run, but it would also come in handy for feet that’ve been stuffed into stilettos or strappy sandals for hours, and are now feeling the effects. It costs just £4.88, and is available direct from Scholl.

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