Meet my new favourite indulgences…. Villainess is a US brand of bath and body products, and they’ve basically manged to combine everything I like in this kind of thing: quirky packaging and branding, great scents, products that remind me of food: you get the picture.

As an example of that quirky branding, here’s the product description for the ‘Bathory’ soap I’ve been using this week:

“The cloying sweetness of a covetous lust for misspent youth, offset by a geriatric touch of rose and carnation, and underscored by a malevolent insinuation of sandalwood.”
As you can probably gather, then, these products are all about wicked indulgence:  just the kind of thing I like, but luckily there’s nothing “wicked” about the way they’re made, with everything being produced using natural ingredients that are sourced from cruelty free responsible suppliers.

‘Bathory’ is as great smelling as it sounds, but I was most impressed with the Smooch Scrub – a sugary scrub that turns into a creamy lotion on damp skin – and the Whipped! body creme, which is quite possibly the creamiest, butteriest body cream I’ve ever tried. I have the ‘Decadence’ scent, which uses lots of vanilla, and smells good enough to eat.  Both the scrub and the body cream totally live up to the idea of indulgence: the Whipped! body cream in particular is a real treat to use, and although the product feels rich and buttery, it soaks into the skin quickly, leaving it feeling soft and smelling… well, a bit like cake mixture, actually.

The Villainess line is stocked exclusively by Posh Brats in the UK, and prices range from £5 – £15. Check out the line here.


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