Is anyone else reminded of a certain product by Yves Saint Laurent, here? One that begins with ‘Touche” and ends with “Eclat”, perhaps?

I am, and as longtime readers may remember, I happen to be a Touche Eclat fan, using it mostly to tackle dark circles under the eyes. As short time readers may recall, however, those dark circles have been getting the better of even my trusty Touche Eclat lately, so I’m not adverse to trying out something new, especially something that claims it will diminish fine lines if I use it regularly.

Unlike Touche Eclat, however, Guerlain’s ‘Precious Light’ is actually double-sided: the pigment in one end is opaque, and can be used to hide imperfections, while the other side is “golden” and can be used to reflect light wherever you need it, illuminating the skin, and generally making it look younger and brighter. Slightly unusually, it contains myrrh oil (no frankincense or gold, though), which is apparently known for its rejuvenating properties, and comes in three shades.

At $48, this isn’t cheap, but I’ll be interested to hear what people think of it.

Guerlain ‘Precious Light’ rejuvenating illuminator, $48

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