I badly need to replace some of my makeup brushes at the moment, and even although I know I’ll probably bow to the inevitable and get new ones from MAC, I’m still having fun looking at some of the other options out there. I was particularly drawn to this little set from Lancome: obviously the purple bristles won’t make the application any smoother, but they do make the brushes look cute, as does the little bejeweled wallet they come in. Inside the wallet you’ll find:

Foundation Brush #2

Powder Brush #1

Precision Shadow Brush #12

Dual Ended Brush #18

Blending Shadow Brush #17

I haven’t tried these, so can’t say what they’re like to use, only what they’re like to look at! If you’d like to try them out for yourself, the full set costs $59 and is available at Neiman Marcus.

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