Like a lot of people, I can be a little bit cynical about celebrity skincare/beauty lines. It’s easy to assume the celebrity name is just a gimmick, so it’s always a pleasant surprise when one of these lines turns out to actually be useful, and so it is with Lulu’s Time Bomb line.

As most of you know, I’m a sucker for nice packaging, so this instantly scored Brownie points with me for the little round tubs each product comes in. I’ve been using three different items:

Time Bomb Blast to the Past Dermabrasion cream –  an exfoliating cream to gently remove dry, dull skin. I’m not sure how well this would work for people with very sensitive skin, because you can really feel it getting to work: the texture is rough, and it leaves the skin feeling tingly and refreshed. I love this, because it really feels like it’s making a difference, but as I said, if your skin is very sensitive, you’ll need to be particularly gentle when you’re applying it.

Glory Days Day Cream and Flashback Night Cream, both of which contain hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and essential oils. The night cream has a nice rich feel to it, while the day cream is much lighter. I particularly like the Glory Days Day Cream because it absorbs so quickly into the skin: I actually thought I’d forgotten to apply it one morning because it had absorbed so fast, leaving my skin feeling smooth, but without any of the greasiness associated with some creams.

Prices for these products start from £25, and they’re available from both and QVC – thanks to the packaging, I think they’d also make a nice gift, especially for someone who loves Lulu!

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