If you follow me on Twitter (what do you mean, you don’t follow me on Twitter?) and happened to be online at around 10am on Saturday morning, you probably already know that I spent a small portion of my weekend looking like this:

Ninja Dollface
Ninja Dollface

Yes, readers, I am secretly a ninja. Don’t tell anyone.

OK, no, I’m not. I was, in fact, trying out Moor Spa’s Refining Facial Mask:


Mr Dollface was out at the time, and because I’m Sod’s Law’s favourite victim, I spent a panicked few minutes absolutely convinced that someone would come to the door while I was covered in this stuff. Luckily they didn’t, and so I live to provide you with this product review. Don’t say I’m not good to you.

What it says on the tin:

“This face mask is 100%natural. It contains purely the natural herbal moor from the heart of Europe. Independent analysis of the moor indicates that it contains extracts from hundreds of herbs, grasses, minerals and lipoids which give the skin a unique blend of nutrient to nourish and moisturise. Suitable for all skin types and is most effective when used 2 – 3 times per week.”

What that means:

You’ll basically be putting a moor on your face, but it’ll be good for you. No, really.

How it works:

The mask comes with a brush, which you use to paint it onto your skin. It has a creamy texture, but despite this I still managed to drop it all over the floor. Try not to do this: it’s brown. (It did just wipe off, though.) The directions advise you to only leave it on for 1-2 minutes the first few times you use it, and increase to five minutes once your skin has gotten used to it. Naturally, then, I proceeded straight to the five minutes stage: this is because my middle name is “stupid”, so don’t try that at home, kids. Follow the instructions.


Despite the fact that I left the product on for a little longer than I should have, however, I’m pleased to say that nothing bad happened. As the mask dried, I could really feel it starting to work: there was a real sensation of “tightening” across my face, and when I removed the mask, my skin was red and felt a little tingly. It soon settled back down, however, leaving my skin feeling much smoother and tighter. Some face masks have a tendency to bring impurities to the surface and cause spots, but, happily, this hasn’t been the case with this one, and two days on my skin is still clear and smooth.


I really liked this: I could feel that it was making a difference to my skin while I was wearing it, and the difference was noticeable (to me at least) once I’d removed it. The only downside was the mess I made on the hall floor (because, yes, I took the lid off in the hall) but opening it over the bathroom sink, like a normal person would, will eliminate that problem, too.

Would I buy it?

Yes, in a word.

Moor Spa Refining Facial Mask is available direct from its makers website. Another good thing about this product is that it’s available in four different sizes: the 15ml version costs just £5.25, so you can try it out and see if it works for you without having to spend too much money.

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