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So, I’m sure we all know what a difference a great set of straight, white teeth can make to your appearance. But of course, not everyone is blessed with such a smile, and getting one can be costly: like, really costly. Whitening treatments, veneers, braces: they’ll cost anything from a couple of hundred to a few thousand pounds, and who has that kind of money just lying around?

These stick-on teeth are marketed as the answer to that particular “can’t afford professional dentistry” dilemma. They’re exactly what they sound like: fake teeth that you simply stick on top of your existing gnashers, securing them with clips. They Cost $39.98, and you can’t eat with them in, but you can drink.

What do you think then, readers? They’re definitely cheaper than many other options out there, but would you wear them?

Imako Cosmetic Teeth, $39.98

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