Friday Photo: In my natural habitat

Last week Terry and I went shopping, so for this week’s Friday Photo, here I am in my natural habitat: the mall.


I’m wearing my new trench coat and ankle boots, which I bought in preparation for Autumn. And which I wore on a day that was far warmer than any of the days we had during “summer”. Seriously, everyone else was wearing summer stuff. I was boiling. We’ve been having this Indian summer for a couple of weeks now, and I’m 100% sure that the reason we’re having it is because I packed away all of my summer clothes. You can thank me whenever you’re ready, Scotland. I’m also 100% sure that once the Indian summer is over, we’ll go directly to Deep Midwinter without passing Autumn, and I’ll never get to wear my new trench-coat ever again.


I went shopping to buy stuff for Winter. The bag you can see in my left hand? Contains the new summer dress I bought in Topshop. I really suck at seasonal shopping, apparently.

(I did actually get some winter stuff, mind you. That’s for a Friday Photo of the future, though. Maybe.)

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