…and I’m not talking about the spammer who keeps emailing Terry using the subject line, “Terry you’re an idiot” and providing a pornographic image in the body of the email – although that’s about as bad as it gets, to be honest.

No, the spam that’s really annoying me at the moment is the blog comment spam that comes from large, legitimate businesses: businesses who should know better, in other words.

Today I’ve had to delete two spam comments from my blogs, both of which were promoting brands which are household names. When I looked at the email addresses of the people posting the spam, and typed the suffix of those addresses into Google, in both cases they took me to the websites of online marketing agencies who list these household-name companies as their clients.

Interesting. I wonder if the clients in question know their reputations are being systematically ruined by marketing companies spamming blogs in their name? And if they condone that kind of behaviour?

I know that if I was paying a marketing company to promote my website, I would be horrified to think that they were using comment or email spam to do it. I have no wish to be known as a spammer, and that’s exactly what will happen to these brands unless they take steps to find out what their marketers are getting up to on their behalf.

This isn’t the first time I’ve encountered this issue, but it has particularly annoyed me today because it so happens that both of the companies being spammed on my blogs are ones I have affiliate relationships with – affiliate relationships I’m now seriously reconsidering given that I really don’t want to support spammers.

Needless to say, the spam has been deleted and the IPs banned. But I think the next time I’m contacted by representatives of the brands in question, I will be asking them if they’re aware of what’s happening…


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