The coming winter has made me grumpy – grumpier than usual, I mean – and some words have started getting on my nerves again. And so it is that I present to you now, Part 2 of my occasional “Words I Have Started to Hate” series, which has expanded slightly to include phrases as well as mere words. Well, one phrase. You’re welcome, internet.

1. “hating on”

When did we start hating ON things? Why can’t we just hate them, like in the olden days, when “LOL” still meant “laughing out loud” and wasn’t just a weird kind of punctuation mark to use at the end of every sentence, lol? Also, when did it become law that as soon as you say you don’t exactly love something, everyone will be all “WAH! Stop hating on it!” Can no one have an opinion now?

2. “chillax”

A mixture of chilling and relaxing.  Do you see what those clever kids did there? But, um, WHY? Why do we need a special word to denote the activity of chilling AND relaxing? I mean, can you think of a single time you were totally relaxed, but NOT “chilled”? Or a time when you were, like, totally chilled man, but not relaxed? I read a book a couple of weeks ago in which the main character kept wanting to “chillax”, and trust me, it wasn’t an ironic kind of chillaxing either. I hated on that book.

3. “sick”

If you’re actually sick, fine. I hope you feel better soon. If you’re using this word to say you like something, i.e. “This beat is sick!” (yeah, Lady Gaga, I’m looking at YOU), I’m probably hating on you RIGHT NOW. Lol.

4. “Geek/nerd”

Everyone’s a geek these days, aren’t they? Like, absolutely everyone.  Because these days you describe yourself as a “geek” simply for using the internet. And you’re proud of that fact. So you will say, “I’ve been online all day. OMG, I’m such a geek, lol!” Er, no you’re not, you’re just someone who uses the internet, like the rest of us. And you’re a “nerd” – and a PROUD nerd at that – if you have any kind of hobby at all: book nerd, clothes nerd, food nerd, movie nerd, chillaxing nerd. I guess I would be a shoe nerd, although “I’m sitting here totally geeking out over my shoes” probably ISN’T something even I would say. I don’t think I’m cool enough to be a nerd, given today’s meaning of the word.  And don’t get me wrong, it’s nice that the geeks and the nerds are finally having their day. They’re the Cool Kids now, and everyone seems to want to identify with them. I’m geeking out over writing this list, in fact. I’m such a blog nerd!

5. “nom”

By decree of the internet, all references to food shall henceforth be accompanied by use of the word “nom”.  Extra “geek” points if you provide multiple “noms” – nomnomnom! Blame the LOLcats. They started it.

And while I’m on the subject, did you hear that CNN have started a segment called “Just Sayin’“? It’s like the Internet came to life. I fully expect them to follow up with one called “I’m Sorry, But…”, or to require all their newsreaders to use “lol” as punctuation, internet-style. “Out-of-control wildfires are raging through Athens and LA, lol!” Gah.

Over to you, then, folks: what words/phrases are you hating on right now, lol?

  1. I really hate the phrase "hating on", especially since the radio keeps playing that "Hating on the club" song. Does she hate the club? Does she feel annoyed by it? Can she stop singing about it please?

    1. Maybe she's actually ON the club while she's hating? Like, she's standing on the roof or something? I think that would be the only acceptable use of that phrase for me…

  2. Hahahahaa. The CNN part really got me laughing! That's horrible! I've started to dislike the word "rad" (I used to use it occasionally but now that I see it all over the place, it makes me sick. and NO, not in the I like it way). And I hate calling things RETRO when they're not. Oh btw, attending a new school starting the new semester! Hope everything's good with you too:)

    1. Oh, the "retro" is super-annoying! Also "vintage" to describe something from 1999. No, that's just "old"!

      Good luck with the new school, must be exciting!

  3. I'm in complete agreement with you on this one! I particularly HATE the following:

    – "chillax". My brother Dan uses it and it makes me grind my teeth! He also says things like "take a chill pill", which automatically makes me less chillaxed and more chillingly-axe-murderous, so it defeats the purpose, really! Yes, he is the stereotypical Gen Y in case you were wondering! 😉

    – "nom". It gives me the shivers, don't ask me why!

    – As an actual, proper geek / nerd, I do feel that the terms are overused. (In support of my claim to be an actual, proper geek / nerd, I liked Star Wars before it was cool again; met my husband through internet and mutual love of LotR (again, before it was cool); have had a hotmail account since 1995 that doesn't have any numbers in the username it because I'm "original" (and very, very old, apparently); used webpage-based chat rooms that you had to refresh to see the conversation (maybe this is why I love Twitter?), etc 😉

    Also, I remember when it was SO NOT COOL to be a geek and everyone was totally "hating on" them. Now THAT was sick. In the proper sense, of course.

    Just sayin'. lol.
    .-= Erin "LOLcat" Le Clerc´s last blog ..Vintage Kitchen: Easy Cupcakes by Colour =-.

  4. I say "space geek" to stop other people throwing it at me (as kids did when I was at school). It's a whole reclaim thing, I think, lol! Chillax about it…

    *slaps self*

    May I nominate "ridic" for the list? That makes me want to hit small children, just in case they grow up and use it.

    1. I think in your case, though, "space geek" is probably fair enough, in the sense of "someone who has a level of interest/knowledge in a subject that goes much deeper than most". It's the people who think they're a "web geek" because they have a Twitter account and a Facebook that bother me, or the ones who are "nerds" because they once read a sci-fi novel 🙂 (Last week I heard someone describe herself as a 'geek' because she likes Gossip Girl, for instance.) This is wrong!

    1. I can live with "heart" for now, but it's another example of how cutesy internet-speak starts to bleed over into real life and then the actual words lose their meaning, the way "gay" did. Soon people won't remember what "geek" or "nerd" used to REALLY mean, or that "sick" used to mean something other than "totally fantastic!"

  5. I also hate "staycation". My husband said it the other day and I hit him (not too hard).

    I particularly agree about the geek thing. I'm a software engineer, I write code for a living, I feel entitled to call myself a geek. I dislike people who call themselves a geek because they spend all night on MSN.

    "Sick", though, has been used in that context in the hiphop world for a long, long time.

    Oh, and is it just me or has there been an increase in people saying "I'm loving ". Just sounds wrong to me. I don't really think love is a verb 🙂
    .-= Gemma´s last blog ..Cargo LashActivator: One Month On =-.

  6. Oh god i HATE "chillax" urgh. Another one i hate is when people say "It's all good" in an American drawl when they are clearly from Suffolk or somewhere equally non-American-like. I'm a new follower to your blog and i have to say i absolutely love you, every single post makes me…erm…lol! 🙂 x
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..TAG – The List! =-.

  7. 1, 2, 2, 3, 4? Not much of a number nerd then eh! 😛

    I find that when people on the internet are like "I'm such a geek/nerd", what they actually mean is that they are a loser. Not really the same thing.

  8. Ha, now i am not at work and can post comments without it telling me i am looking for illegal drugs!

    Ok so i use NOM when something is out of the ordinary tasty not for everything i eat.

    My lolz are still for when i am actually laughing out loud

    i have been known to use chillax ironically but i do worry that some people don't realise it's irony 😮

    i hate the use of 'win' and 'fail' for all things either good or bad…and as you said on Twitter amber, 'epic' doesn't make it a better use of English

    my ex (scumbag) got me into saying 'interfrastically' instead of 'in a minute' and i hate myself doing it but i can't stop

    i don't heart things either but i do luff them (it's a bit more than like but obviously i'm not in love with them)

    Oh hell i'm such a cliche

  9. The "nom" creeps me out… I don't know why *shudders* And as a bonafide Star Wars/sci-fi/video game fanatic, I've earned my title as Nerd over 25 years of mockery, low phys ed grades, blood, sweat, and tears (and some really awesome homemade costumes!). So no, I can't accept my co-worker as a "Twilight nerd," "90210 geek," or "Taylor Swift freak."

    "Sick" still confuses me everytime I hear it. It's a flashback to junior high when "bad" was the same as "rad," and I tried really hard to say "like" every other word so I could sound like a valley girl. Because like they like got so much respect, oh my gah!

    In that same vein, I'm tired of "OMG!!!" Apparently here in California, real life is laid back and uninteresting, but text messaging and social networking sites are so intense. O.M.G.!!!!

  10. I’ve recently come across the term ‘carborexia’ to refer to people who are very environment obsessed and anxious about their carbon footprint. It really irks me, partly because I hate faddish compound words but mainly because *clambers on to soapbox* it just strikes me as very poor taste to base a word on a serious eating disorder that claims a lot of lives per year.
    I also get irked by how easily the words ‘geek’ and ‘nerd’ get flung about. Dammit, I spent years being ostracised as a child/teenager for liking sci-fi and fantasy. I own D&D dice. I have action figures. I worked hard for my ‘geek’ label and now it’s being used to describe someone who watched the Twilight movie ‘because OMGRobertPattinsonissohot11!1’? Fie on them, I say! 😛

    1. Since most of the time, I actually do laugh out loud, I feel entitled to use LOL. But I truthfully prefer *giggle*. Fan of asterisks, you see.

      Also, Steph, I must now use the word fie at lease twice a day. Olden words, like fie, or hilding, are so much more fun to use!!


  11. Amber, hating on is sick, ya word nerd! Chillax, would ya? Have some food. NOM.

    No, actually I can't stand NOM. Makes me want to scream. I don't like chillax either, but guesstimate is the worst (and the name of a TV show now!) Just say estimate, fools!

    Worse than that is 'of' for have, which just looks and sounds illiterate. "I could of told you…" etc. Argh!
    .-= diane´s last blog ..Hello! I’m Diane Shipley, a freelance journalist, online editor and voracious blogger. I… =-.

  12. Whenever I find myself commenting on words and phrases that annoy me I wonder if it means I’m, like, a grown up now. Back in the 80’s my father (who went to a Catholic boys school in the 1940’s and was a real stickler for good grammar) would get so cross with me for saying something was ‘neat’, which was the word we were all using at the time. When he died and I went to live with my foster family I remember my foster mother saying “oh that’s neat” not long after I moved in with them. I was gobsmacked at her flagrant use of slang, and had visions of my father turning over in his grave!

    Oh and the phrase that gets me riled up the most? ‘Epic Fail’. ARGH! My kids use it all the time, makes me want to bang their heads together.
    .-= Selina´s last blog ..Your daily dose of pretty: the cutest packaging and the longest product name =-.

  13. The normal use of 'nom' ends with lolcats. The normal use of 'lol' ends when you are not actually laughing. Real geeks do not feel the need to proclaim it to the world all the time. The rest of the words should just die. This list is exactly correct in my books!!

  14. This post made me LOL

    I have to blame Twitter and it's 140 character limit. I now use all manner of abbrevations that I used to turn my nose up at, just to fit within that little space.

    I do have pure affection for Nom though, I think it's a descriptive, excellent little word. Nom! xx
    .-= dressjunkie´s last blog ..Laced Up =-.

  15. One that's been getting on my nerves lately is "rando" for random person, i.e. "A bunch of randos just walked in and…etc etc etc"

    As for the nerd/geek thing, I've been guilty of that myself – I occasionally describe myself as a "vintage nerd", but in my case, I actually am something of a nerd (I mean, I am a math major….) and I use it purely to distinguish myself from hipsters who overrun all the lovely vintage shops looking for funny 80s "vintage" to wear because it's "ironic" (another one that's really getting on my nerves, by the way).
    .-= Veta´s last blog ..Vintage Mag Mondays, Edition 1 =-.

  16. If there's one word that bugs the hell out of me it's when people use 'OCD' as a synonym for being a little bit of a perfectionist, or being neat – when people say things like "oh, I'm so OCD about this, lol!" really flippantly. I think it shows a horrendous amount of ignorance about a condition that causes an enormous amount of distress and suffering (and perhaps it's jokes like these that cause so many people to not take OCD sufferers seriously :S). It's like when people choose to swear a lot and then laugh and say "Oh, I have Tourette's". Again, it's unbelievably ignorant – I find it hard to believe that anybody with OCD or Tourette's syndrome would announce it with a great big grin on their face.

  17. i nominate "STATEMENT"

    Urggh urggh urggh that word is used so MUCH!I dont know whether 2 blame Gok Wan or Grazia magazine 4 it,bt EVRYTHNG,I mean EVRYTHNG has becum a "statemnt dress, statement ring,statement watch…" and even "statement hair"!It is so annoyin,right there with Tyra Banks "fierce" and "work it",lyk a dress or shoe is labour…"hmm,she is working that hair,work it girl" :@!So annoying!

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