Words I Have Started to Hate, Part 2

RantsSep 02 200934 Comments

The coming winter has made me grumpy – grumpier than usual, I mean – and some words have started getting on my nerves again. And so it is that I present to you now, Part 2 of my occasional “Words I Have Started to Hate” series, which has expanded slightly to include phrases as well as mere words. Well, one phrase. You’re welcome, internet.

1. “hating on”

When did we start hating ON things? Why can’t we just hate them, like in the olden days, when “LOL” still meant “laughing out loud” and wasn’t just a weird kind of punctuation mark to use at the end of every sentence, lol? Also, when did it become law that as soon as you say you don’t exactly love something, everyone will be all “WAH! Stop hating on it!” Can no one have an opinion now?

2. “chillax”

A mixture of chilling and relaxing.  Do you see what those clever kids did there? But, um, WHY? Why do we need a special word to denote the activity of chilling AND relaxing? I mean, can you think of a single time you were totally relaxed, but NOT “chilled”? Or a time when you were, like, totally chilled man, but not relaxed? I read a book a couple of weeks ago in which the main character kept wanting to “chillax”, and trust me, it wasn’t an ironic kind of chillaxing either. I hated on that book.

3. “sick”

If you’re actually sick, fine. I hope you feel better soon. If you’re using this word to say you like something, i.e. “This beat is sick!” (yeah, Lady Gaga, I’m looking at YOU), I’m probably hating on you RIGHT NOW. Lol.

4. “Geek/nerd”

Everyone’s a geek these days, aren’t they? Like, absolutely everyone.  Because these days you describe yourself as a “geek” simply for using the internet. And you’re proud of that fact. So you will say, “I’ve been online all day. OMG, I’m such a geek, lol!” Er, no you’re not, you’re just someone who uses the internet, like the rest of us. And you’re a “nerd” – and a PROUD nerd at that – if you have any kind of hobby at all: book nerd, clothes nerd, food nerd, movie nerd, chillaxing nerd. I guess I would be a shoe nerd, although “I’m sitting here totally geeking out over my shoes” probably ISN’T something even I would say. I don’t think I’m cool enough to be a nerd, given today’s meaning of the word.  And don’t get me wrong, it’s nice that the geeks and the nerds are finally having their day. They’re the Cool Kids now, and everyone seems to want to identify with them. I’m geeking out over writing this list, in fact. I’m such a blog nerd!

5. “nom”

By decree of the internet, all references to food shall henceforth be accompanied by use of the word “nom”.  Extra “geek” points if you provide multiple “noms” – nomnomnom! Blame the LOLcats. They started it.

And while I’m on the subject, did you hear that CNN have started a segment called “Just Sayin’“? It’s like the Internet came to life. I fully expect them to follow up with one called “I’m Sorry, But…”, or to require all their newsreaders to use “lol” as punctuation, internet-style. “Out-of-control wildfires are raging through Athens and LA, lol!” Gah.

Over to you, then, folks: what words/phrases are you hating on right now, lol?