No photo for today’s Friday Face, because my skin just isn’t fit to be seen at the moment. Truly. The culprit can be seen above you: it’s the Nicola Roberts’ ‘Dainty Doll’ foundation I reviewed back in April. I don’t wear this very often, because, as I noted in the review, although I LOVE the colour of it, it really is a terrible foundation, but my regular foundation ran out and this was all I had left to tide me over until some new stuff arrives. (Thanks, Royal Mail, for going on strike just when I ran out of makeup!)

So, Dainty Doll it is, and once again, I’m disappointed. I always think I’m going to love this: it’s such a refreshing change to be able to use a foundation that’s actually the same colour as my natural skin (the ‘Ivory’ shade is perfect for me) and every time I use this, it makes me realise once again that all of those foundations I’ve been using, thinking they were pale enough? Really aren’t. As I said when I originally reviewed this product, I think we pale girls often end up settling for foundation that’s just “close enough” to our natural skin, and it’s only when you find one that really IS the right colour that you realise just how bad the others have been.

So this is a great shade. I always get compliments when I wear it. But after a week of using it, my skin is so dry and flaky I actually don’t want to wear makeup AT ALL, and as the foundation is the only only I’ve been using that’s different, I’m left with the conclusion that it’s the reason why. And I’m not surprised either: it’s so thick and dry and chalky that it’s hell to apply, and it clings to any little bit of dry skin, making it look much worse than it actually is. Gah.

I’ve ordered some Illamasqua, which should arrive next week, and will hopefully make things all better. In the meantime, today I’m giving by skin a break and am wearing lots of moisturiser in a bid to get things back to normal!

  1. Hey Dollface, have you tried mixing it with some moisturiser first? Or, there’s a product called Make-up Mixer (you can get it from Screen Face and Charles Fox, etc), it makes cakey solid products more fluid. 🙂 Love your blog!

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