In a change to our regularly scheduled Friday Face feature, I thought I’d be nosey in a different way this week, and as you all what perfume you’re wearing instead!

Today I’m wearing my absolute favourite fragrance: Jean Paul Gaultier’s ‘Fragile’. Well, I say “today” – it’s what I wear EVERY DAY, because as soon as I got this, I relegated all of my other perfumes to the big box o’ products under my desk, and promised to remain faithful to it forevermore. Or until I find something I like better, whatever comes first. I’m a one-fragrance woman like that.

Anyway! I have the Eau de Parfum version of this, which comes in the snow-globe bottle shown above, which I absolutely love. Fragile is on the expensive side, and can be hard to get hold of (I was lucky, and Mr Dollface bought it for me as a gift), but I think it’s worth it: its a tuberose-based scent, and is sweet, but not too sweet (or not for me, anyway), and every time I wear it, it cheers me up instantly.

Tell me then: what perfume are you wearing today, and

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