Asda fake tan - yay!
Asda fake tan – yay!

I know it’s not really the season for a sun tan, but today, readers, I bring you glad tidings: having discontinued their Essential Care Self Tan back in the summer, Asda have decided to bring it back! I actually had a comment from a reader letting me know about this a couple of weeks ago, and I have to say, I didn’t dare hope it was true, but here’s the evidence, as seen in my local Asda yesterday.

(Aside: you’d be surprised at the number of funny looks you get from people when you take a photo of fake tan on your phone in the supermarket. Or maybe you wouldn’t be, actually).

The queues were all about a mile long, so I didn’t buy any, but I’m off on holiday in three weeks, so rest assured,  I will be back to stock up! As you can see, this is only £3 per bottle, and I find it better than any of the more expensive brands I’ve tried, so Asda: thank you. You’ve made this Dollface very happy!

  1. Hi.

    I am the buyer for Skincare at Asda and just thought it would be worth my while letting you know the position on Asda essentail Care Fake Tan.
    The lines were delisted in September due to slow sales and a real drop off in the tanning moisturisers market. I am sorry to dissappoint but it will not be coming back in 2010 either.

    However we will have great deals on the more expensive brands in Spring 2010 so rest assured you will not have to spend more to still keep well tanned.

    1. Hi Lesley,

      Thanks so much for responding, and for the clarification, but what a shame that this is, indeed, gone for good – I love it, and when it was discontinued in September I had lots of emails from readers who also love it, wondering if it would ever be back. Looks like it’s time to stock up on that supply at my local store, then!

      Thanks again for your comment – it’s good to know for sure what’s happening with this!

      Amber (Dollface)

  2. I tried the whole fake tan thing once or twice in high school, after my mother’s incessant nagging about my unseemly pallor, and found it rather strange to be honest. And very, very messy 🙁

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