Well, as I mentioned last week, Terry and I had another fancy dress party to attend this weekend.

And, as I also mentioned, my planned costume was pretty half-assed. In fact, with the whole Christmas/holiday/Terry’s-car-breaking-down-on-the-motorway-and-having-to-be-replaced thing, I decided that a budget costume was in order, and that, on this occasion, I would basically try and take  a “work with what you’ve got” approach.

Which was actually pretty ironic, considering that I decided to go as a personal heroine of mine….

[Note: image under the jump as Terry’s outfit is a bit… well… a bit… risqué, let’s say]

confessions of a shopaholic

Becky Bloomwood (from Confessions of a Shopaholic) and Bruno!

So at least we were a couple. Sort of. And while I went with a “work with what you’ve got” approach, Terry went with more of ” work with a yellow rubber suit you bought for £5 from Screwfix on Friday afternoon, and which smelled oddly of creosote all night” approach.

Anyway, we had a great time, and are already planning our next “costumes”. Hey, anyone want to invite us to a fancy dress party? Anyone? Anyone?

(And yeah, this Shopaholic shops at Primark. Terry wouldn’t let me go on a shopping spree at Harvey Nichols just to get the bags…)

  1. Love it! Yours that is Amber. Terry … well … I feel like I know you so well now. Not sure I wanted to know you THAT well, but there you go!

    Confessions of a Shopaholic is one of my faves – it got such terrible reviews but I loved it!
    .-= Selina´s last blog ..Your daily dose of pretty: WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! =-.

  2. What a great idea! Perhaps you should have a costume party at your place while we're over? It can be a four person party, right? *g*

    Ooh, we could even karaoke! I am a Sing Star convert (the Disney version, natch).

    Can't wait until December!!! 😀

    (Yes, I'm a bit rambly today… sorry! 🙂
    .-= Erin Le Clerc´s last blog ..Pretty Vintages loves Frou Frou Designs =-.

  3. Haha, you two look fantastic! Thats a great idea!

    I have an other fancy dress night at christmas, and think I might have to go as GaGa 😀
    .-= Emmaj414´s last blog ..I’m Late! =-.

  4. Sorry, but just testing whether my Google profile pic will now appear. Was tempted to use some random Amber component but decided to stick with the hyrax. 😉

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