Barry M Nail Paint in 305 - Fuchsia
Barry M Nail Paint in 305 – Fuchsia

This nail polish was an impulse buy, and, as it turned out, it was a pretty stupid one. Not, I hasten to add, because I don’t like it, but simply because once I got it home, I realised it was pretty much exactly the same colour as the Rimmel “Funtime  Fuchsia” polish I already own. D’oh!

Still, it’s not such a big deal: I still love this colour – the Rimmel polish was my “go to” shade all summer, and I’m still not tired of it, so having another bottle of much the same shade is no disaster, especially when it only cost me £2.95. Colour aside, it’s a great product, too. It goes on easily, with no dragging or streaking. One coat would probably do, but I like to apply two, for a slightly more intense colour.

It dries quickly, and is very hard-wearing.  I applied it on Saturday, and didn’t bother with a top coat (I know, I know…), but it’s still going strong today, with only the tiniest bit of chipping visible on one finger. Overall, a great value polish in a nice, bright (but not too bright) colour.

Barry M Nail Paint in 302, Fuchsia, £2.95

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