This product was something of a panic buy. My regular eye makeup remover (Botanics Soothing Eye Makeup Remover, which I SWEAR by) had run out, the Boots website was out of stock, and as I normally wear waterproof mascara, which doesn’t come off easily, I picked up a bottle of Garnier’s Clean & Fresh Eye Makeup Remover in the supermarket, thinking it would at least do the job.

I was wrong.

This definitely didn’t work on my waterproof mascara. Even after a couple of minutes of rubbing (which I really don’t like to do because it’s so bad for the delicate skin around the eye) I was looking a lot like a raccoon, with most of the mascara still clinging determinedly to my lashes, or gathering around the eye area. Even when I thought I’d removed it all, I’d cleanse my face, look in the mirror and discover that, nope, still looking like a raccoon.

“OK,” I thought, “I’ll switch to a NON-waterproof mascara.”

But I didn’t fare a whole lot better there either. Sure, the product did manage to remove more of the mascara than it did with the waterproof stuff, but it still took lots of rubbing, and a couple of attempts to get rid of it all. The final straw came this weekend when I started to apply my makeup and then decided to wash it off and start again, because my foundation looked terrible. The only product on my eyes at that point was my usual Urban Decay eyeliner, and this product didn’t even remove that very well – all it did was shift the liner from my eyelid to the under eye area and then force me to do a lot of rubbing to remove it from there.

After that, enough was enough- I headed out yesterday and bought two bottles of my usual eye makeup remover, so at least this time I’ll have a backup. If you’d like to give this a try, though, it’s £2.93 at Superdrug.

  1. Try Garnier Clean Sensitive bi-phase makeup remover. It is AMAZING. Takes off waterproof mascara like nothing else, and it is so gentle. I love it and have been using it religiously since I’ve tried it for the first time a year ago!

  2. Agree with Olaola – I bought the Garnier Sensitive one about a month ago, also as a bit of a panic buy in a supermarket, and am pleasantly surprised. I just wet the pad with it, lay it on my eye for a few secs, and wipe gently 2-3 times – no rubbing needed. Very good value too.

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