Eylure Vivid Lashes False Eyelashes – ‘Black Widow’ Style


Confession: I actually bought these lashes to wear as part of my Halloween costume this year. (I was Lady Gaga. Yes.) They were a last minute panic-buy, and were the most dramatic style I could find at short-notice, although Eyelure’s new ‘Vivid’ range does contain some styles that are much more “out there” – think peacock feathers, crazy colours, etc.

These would’ve also looked a little more dramatic if I’d actually used them properly: the set comes with top AND bottom lashes, but by the time I started to get ready I was running so late I didn’t have time to put the bottom ones on. So I’ll have to report back on those another time.

As for the top set, I actually really liked them. They’re very long and felt quite heavy at first (I was wearing sunglasses, too, which didn’t really help because the lashes kept hitting off the glasses and I was sure they’d come off), but they stayed put all night (and it was a looooong night!), so no complaints from me.


Eyelure Vivid Lashes, £7.75

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  • Kirsty says:

    They are great! And I really like the idea of falsies for the lower lashes.

    On another eyelash related note, I have just bought the new Maxfactor Lash Extension mascara and it is really good. Lots of length and curl, no volume but paired with a good volumising mascara it would be perfect!

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