Foundation for pale skin: Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation swatches – RF105 and RF120


Before my unexpected beauty blogging hiatus, I promised you a review of Illanmasuqa’s Rich Liquid Foundation, which I’ve been using for a couple of weeks now. Well, that’ll be along soon, but first of all, knowing how difficult my fellow palefaces find choosing the right shade of foundation, I thought I’d quickly show you some swatches of the two shades I’m using – RF105 and RF120.

These are the second and third palest shades Illamasqa do – or so I thought when I ordered them, anyway. I’ve since read that RF135 may be paler than the RF120 I bought, so that may be worth bearing in mind too. The very palest shade – RF100 – is a stark white that’s basically only going to be of use for editorial or theatrical purposes. The next shade up – RF105 – also appears to fall into that category at first glance, although it does have a pinkish tinge to it. It’s far too pale for even me to wear on its own, but I actually think a shade like this is really useful to have if you tend to have problems buying foundation, because it can be mixed with other, darker shades, allowing you to dial almost any foundation down to your shade. I’ve used it almost daily since I got it, and this is because the RF120, which I’d assumed would be more or less the perfect colour for me, is actually quite a bit too dark.  It’s billed as a pink-toned, pale base, but I found it a little more yellowish than I’d been expecting, and too dark for me to wear it on its own. Here are both of the shades blended in a little:


(With flash)


(without flash)

RF-120 blended in a little more:


Although it’s obviously lighter once it’s blended in properly, this was still too dark for my skin, unfortunately.

RF-105 is too pale to really photograph on my arm when it’s blended in properly, so here it is on the jawline, although I’ve left it unblended at the edges, so you can actually see it!


I’ve been blending both of these together to get the perfect shade, and although doing that does have its merits, I was a little dissapointed that the RF-12o didn’t work for me on its own – these aren’t cheap, and I think most of us would prefer NOT to have to spend twice as much to get the right colour.

This is, admittedly, partly my own fault: foundation isn’t something I’d ever recommend buying without trying it on first, but I was forced to do that because I don’t have an Illamasqua counter close to me. (Ironically, I did manage to get to one about a week after placing my order, which was delayed during the Royal Mail strikes, but wasn’t looking at the foundation – d’oh!)  RF0105, however, is definitely a useful product to have, if only for its ability to make any other foundation instantly paler, and I’m hoping some other pale colours may be in the offing soon, particularly ones without the yellow base so many of the current colours seem to have.

If you have an Illasmasqua counter near you, I’d defiitely suggest paying it a visit to try these shades on in person (and in natural daylight!) if it’s at all possible. If you want to try your luck on the website, however, you’ll find it here.