In a change to our published schedule, rather than showing you a totally random photo every Friday some Fridays, I’m now going to use this slot to show you the new places my face has turned up on the Internet without my permission. It’ll be something to show the grandkids, I guess. Assuming Rubin has any.

I’m also going to refrain from rehashing the same old post about the CHEEK of people who use MY FACE for their own personal gain, and just allow you to imagine what I would have written if I wasn’t so lazy. Please refer to this post, this post and let’s not forget this post if you’re not sure.

This week’s Stolen Photo, then, sees me once again advertising false eyelashes on eBay:



There were actually three auctions featuring yours truly, but two of them used the same image, so I’m sure you don’t need the illustration. Oh, and when I contacted the seller she told me she’d removed the images, but it turns out she only removed one. The others are still there. Presumably she thought I wouldn’t bother to check.

Anyway, thanks to Ola for letting me know about this latest appearance. Remember, folks, there are fake Ambers all around you, so if you spot one, please let me know! Meanwhile, if anyone needs me, I’ll be spending my weekend watermarking all of my images. The fun just never starts, does it?

  1. Totally agree with LizSara………. it's amazing what a "lawyers letter" and a bill for usage can achieve.

    I used to have a right click script which popped up the message "All photo's are the legal and copyrighted property of xxxxx, any unauthorised use will be charged accordingly and our lawyers informed"

    Ignorance is no excuse, if you're tech savvy enough to steal the image, you're bright enough to know the law.

    /rant *again*

    1. If I knew where to send the invoice/letter, I totally would! The fact that this girl said "Oh yes, I've removed them" but then didn't has really annoyed me. At least everyone else just removed the photos – she clearly thinks she has every right to use someone's personal photos for advertising purposes! I've complained to eBay, but they've done nothing – presumably as long as they're making money, they don't care either! Not really sure where else I can take it – I only know her eBay ID 🙁

      1. Ahhhh, ebay is a beast I know very well.

        Slightly dishonest…but, ends justify the means etc. If you would like a listing removed, always report it to ebay as fee avoidance. It's the only one they automatically action because, as you rightly point out, they iz all about tha moneyz (ironic :-))

        1. Wow, really? The way eBay is run just boggles my mind sometimes! I'm going to give her until this evening to reply to my last email, but I will bear that in mind if I don't get any joy with her/them!

  2. I can't believe this happened to you AGAIN! I'm starting to think that international copyright law needs to be taught in high school. Or maybe even elementary school, since I'm pretty sure 9 or 10 year olds should be able to understand the basic idea (they understand plagiarism). People like that girl who was pretending your photo was hers obviously KNOW they are doing something wrong. The eBay seller PROBABLY knows they're doing something wrong, but sometimes I think people really do think anything that shows up in a Google image search or is posted on Flickr is fair game. And then there are the cases of newspapers and other print media poaching photos from Flickr and then getting caught. If you haven't, you should read what happened to blogger/lawyer Sweet Juniper:

    1. I do think the world has changed to the point where some kind of Internet-awareness should be taught in high school or something. The vast majority of teenagers seem to have some kind of online presence, whether it be Facebook/Bebo, a blog or whatever, and there also seems to be a perception (among adults as well as kids) that the Internet is this strange, lawless place where you can do whatever you like, with no comeback. Of course, the Internet is subject to the same laws as any other kind of publishing – I just wish people were more aware of them!

      As for this seller, she may not have known what she was doing was wrong when she stole the photos, but she certainly knows now, because I emailed and told her. So she's now knowingly breaking the law, and lying to me about it into the bargain – nice!

      Haven't read Sweet Juniper, but will go and have a look – thanks!

  3. Wait till people start using your image for coneptual art – imagine the middle of a shopping centre suddenly being filled with people wearing green dresses and Amber masks. And if they're allowed, hundreds of little white dogs…

  4. Wow, this is unbelievable! If it wasn't your main source of income, I would have given up on the whole thing by now. Finger crossed this is the last time
    .-= Louise´s last blog ..P.S. =-.

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