Friday (Stolen) Photo: We’ve had the eyes, now it’s the lips!

Yes, folks, it’s yet another edition of Friday (Stolen) Photo! Which can only mean one thing: another poor fool has stolen a photo of my face and is using it to sell things on eBay! Or at least, I think it’s eBay. I have no idea what “” might mean, so I’m going to have to assume it means “Site where people habitually steal photos of Magic Amber, and use them to sell products including – but not limited to – false eyelashes and lip plumping gloss.”

Or, in this case, “Not-Particularly-Plumping-Gloss”:


Yeah, those are my lips. Hai, lips! Do you see how the “before” and “after” photos are ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME here, readers? That’s because… they are. As I noted in my review of this product, “Sexy Motherpucker” made no discernable difference to my lips at all. STOLEN PHOTO FAIL.

This time, rather than politely ask the seller to remove the photo, I simply asked which address I should send my invoice to for use of the copyrighted images. I get more vindictive with every body part of mine that appears on eBay. The next person to use my face without permission¬†wakes up to¬†a horse’s head in their bed, I swear to God.*

Oh, I’m also now a member of Turkish eBay. Yes.

And here was I thinking the Friday (Stolen) Photo would be a one-off! Oh, if only!

[Thanks to Lucy for letting me know about this one!]

* That was a joke, by the way. I mostly just think, “Wow, AGAIN?” when I see these, not, “OK, horse’s head.” Mostly.