Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt this unfortunate series of Catastrophic Events to bring you photos of the Halloween costume I was banging on about on Black Friday, shortly before the phone call from Heart Internet saying, “Oh, hai, we just deleted your business. Good luck sorting THAT out!”

So, as I mentioned, we’d been invited to a Halloween party on Saturday night, and despite the fact that we’d only had a few hours of restless, tortured sleep on Friday (I don’t know what Terry dreamt about, but I dreamt about… buying foundation. Huh.), we decided we’d still go. By Saturday evening we’d managed to get all of Terry’s clients’ websites back online, and were convinced we had copies of the missing content from ours, so even although we knew we still had many, many hours of work ahead of us, we thought it might be a good idea to have a break from all of the MEGA! STRESS! and spend some time with people who WOULDN’T scare the living daylights out of us both. Although, if someone had turned up dressed as a Heart Internet server or employee, that might have done the trick.

Just a few short hours after the Catastrophic Event, then, we found ourselves heading out dressed as…


Lady Gaga and the Terminator!

Now, this lady gaga halloween costume didn’t work out quite the way I’d intended it to. The plan had been for me to go shopping on Saturday afternoon to pick up the extra bits and pieces I’d need for a full-on Lady Gaga look, but, of course, after Black Friday my heart wasn’t really in it, so it all ended up being a bit last minute.


Still, we had a fun night, and it was great to be able to just relax and not think about everything that was going on with the websites.  And I really liked my false eyelashes, although not enough to want to advertise them for free on eBay, so please don’t take that as an invitation to steal my photos:


Terry doesn’t want to model cybernetic eyes, either…


    1. Confession: I really quite like the shiny leggings. I wish I had somewhere else to wear them other than on Halloween! Will definitely keep hold of the wig for photo shoot. And for when I decide to have "blonde day".

  1. Did you get Terry to prop you up as you made your entrance, true Lady Gaga style? (I'm assuming the cup and saucer were among the extra items you were planning to get that afternoon…)

  2. Fantabulous costumes both! So glad you still had fine pics of that to put up and cheer yourselves up with in time – and so brave to be able to dress up at all after The Calamities. On which, drat the dastards. Sounds from your previous post like they were Twittering the whole time. Or maybe planning *their* Hallowe’en costumes. Sympathies as TELUS here in Canada are being crap with us right now (though we don’t have a business riding on it, just things like contact with family back in the UK).
    On Lady Gaga: awesome shiny leggings, but is this a public admission that you have no granny knickers? The shame! The horror!! Mind you, I might have been tempted to send them to my internet provider in your circumstances. Maybe dropped, from a hot-air balloon manned by the Terminator.
    .-= Juliet´s last blog ..pre-Samhain special =-.

  3. That's the best Lady Gaga costume I've seen – there were quite a few out in Seattle but they were all just a little off the mark.

  4. If you should ever get a chance, it would be wonderful if you schooled us false eyelash challenged folks on how to properly apply falsh eyelashes. Yours look perfect! I often need eyelash enhancement and can never get them to work properly! (Oh, by the way: I currently have red weals!)
    .-= Leslie´s last blog ..The Pretty and the No-So-Pretty =-.

  5. Hi Amber!

    I'm only 9 but your blogs are great! Also a quick question, What clothes did you use for the Gaga outfit??? Plus is Rubin ever gonna post again? Or is he too busy peeing?

    Love Lucy xxx

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