Last night I stumbled off to bed fairly late. We’ve been working hard to get back to normal after the events of Black Friday, obviously, so I was exhausted and looking forward to a good night’s sleep.

I kicked off my shoes, and stepped around to Terry’s side of the bed to close the blinds.

And stepped straight into a large pool of water.

Only… it wasn’t water, was it? No, it was PEE. The Rubinman had struck again – motive: unknown. He had been walked. He had been out several times that night. Still, though, he had struck. It looks like Terry’s-side-of-the-bed is the new washing machine as far as Rubin is concerned.

He HAD been left upstairs alone briefly: we can only assume that he saw a window of opportunity during that time and took it. Thanks, Rubin. You really know how to pick your moments…

  1. Aww :/ Sorry for you guys (and your poor feet, ugh). Yeah I don't know how they do it either. Like "not able to vacuum the floor" (no thumbs) but "able to open the fridge" (without thumbs!!). As I said in my post about my dog's behaviour: Keep calm and carry on. Even though you're about to freak out. Count to one hundred and make yourself some tea. And don't forget to breeeeaatheee.
    .-= Nina´s last blog ..Why can’t we always meet under a cloud of mystery =-.

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