I keep forgetting that today isn’t just the last day of the year: it’s the last day of the decade, and the first decade of the new millennium at that. It was the decade in which I got my first job, bought my first house, married my first – um, I mean my ONLY husband, and brought home my first ever puppy, who is now a full-grown wolf. A decade of firsts, then, and not all of them good ones – we could’ve done without the kidney transplant interlude, obviously, but still: pretty good decade.

I feel I should say more about all of this. Something profound. Something that would sum up the decade and all it has meant to us in a pithy little sentence. Instead, here is a picture of my dog:


(Note: that’s Terry’s modified Christmas party hat, by the way – he’s not just wearing a random red bandanna. Well, he kind of is, but it WAS Christmas…)

Tonight we’re forgoing the usual maudlin “watching other people have fun on TV” experience, and heading into Edinburgh with my parents to have dinner with Erin and David  before watching the fireworks from the castle. If we’re lucky, we may even be able to hear the lonesome piper play his sad lament in person, rather than just watching him on TV, like we do every other year! In other words, we’re going out with a bang: or rather, a series of bangs, whizzes and flashes.

Whatever you’re doing tonight, I hope you have a good one: and Terry, Rubin and I all wish you a fabulous 2010!

  1. Thats such a lovely picture, although for a second I did wonder why you and Rubin were having your photo taken with a sushi chef!

    I hope you have a fab time tonight – Happy New Year!


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