A small dose of the Januarys

Do you think we could maybe just start again with this whole “2010″ thing? Say, next week, maybe? Is next week good for everyone? Because so far this year isn’t really working out for me. It’s mostly because of the horrible weather. I’ve always viewed winter as a kind of obstacle in the  year – something like a dragon, say, which you have to slay before you can emerge triumphant onto the sunny plains of Spring, but this year the dragon is seriously pissed, and I have the feeling it might just emerge the victor.

In other words: I’m feeling a bit flat. I hesitate to mention this here, because I know I’m just opening myself up to a whole bunch of “some people don’t even HAVE weather!” comments, and trust me: I know how lucky I am. I’m just suffering a case of the Januarys, and going by my Twitter feed, I somehow don’t think I’m the only one. I, of course, have it better than most in that I don’t have to deal with the daily struggle to get to work when most of the roads are impassable and the public transport is non-existent, but there’s a general feeling of gloom in the air at the moment, and while that’s more or less the norm for me during the winter, it does seem worse than usual right now.

So, my proposal is that we write off the first two weeks of 2010 and start again on Monday. By then I’m hoping the snow will have undergone a Melting; the roads will be back to normal, I’ll be able to wear heels again without breaking my neck, will have spent some time in front of my S.A.D. lamp, and will have returned to the gym, for the first time in… umm, let’s just say a while. I will start again on Monday, and by then, the dragon will be dead, and January and I will be back on speaking terms. I hope.

Now, who’s with me?