Do you think we could maybe just start again with this whole “2010” thing? Say, next week, maybe? Is next week good for everyone? Because so far this year isn’t really working out for me. It’s mostly because of the horrible weather. I’ve always viewed winter as a kind of obstacle in the  year – something like a dragon, say, which you have to slay before you can emerge triumphant onto the sunny plains of Spring, but this year the dragon is seriously pissed, and I have the feeling it might just emerge the victor.

In other words: I’m feeling a bit flat. I hesitate to mention this here, because I know I’m just opening myself up to a whole bunch of “some people don’t even HAVE weather!” comments, and trust me: I know how lucky I am. I’m just suffering a case of the Januarys, and going by my Twitter feed, I somehow don’t think I’m the only one. I, of course, have it better than most in that I don’t have to deal with the daily struggle to get to work when most of the roads are impassable and the public transport is non-existent, but there’s a general feeling of gloom in the air at the moment, and while that’s more or less the norm for me during the winter, it does seem worse than usual right now.

So, my proposal is that we write off the first two weeks of 2010 and start again on Monday. By then I’m hoping the snow will have undergone a Melting; the roads will be back to normal, I’ll be able to wear heels again without breaking my neck, will have spent some time in front of my S.A.D. lamp, and will have returned to the gym, for the first time in… umm, let’s just say a while. I will start again on Monday, and by then, the dragon will be dead, and January and I will be back on speaking terms. I hope.

Now, who’s with me?

  1. I'd be with you except for the fact that I live where winter is like eight months long. There's no hope of us getting out of it before July. And if last summer is any guide, we won't have it in July either. So I'm off to buy more tights and CuddleDuds to keep me warm.

  2. I'm totally with you……………. Central Scotland has been one big, frozen pile of non movement for 5 weeks now.

    Plus, my car has what I call a "little yellow wobble light" and alarm thingy to tell you you don't have traction and I'm tired of hearing it go off. You know, I can see out of the windscreen that I'm moving sideways…… so enough with the added siren drama 🙁

    On the plus side though, it is quite a cute little graphic of a tiny car skidding 🙂 The Japanese do cute graphics pretty well.

  3. I remember these few weeks when back at uni. Every year, for everyone, they were hell. People mope, groan, cry and shout – and it seems to leave noone untouched. It seems worse when at uni due to the close proximity to many other hormonally challenged individuals, but it is still pretty bad now!

    Soon may it pass!
    .-= Lauren´s last blog ..Abandoning Fashion =-.

  4. I think you need to buy a property overseas. I'm going for Florida myself, and then you can spend six months in Scotland and six months in Fla. It's the only solution. If they get awkward about you staying too long in Fla, pop over to Spain for a while instead. Sorted!

  5. I'm thinking that if we delay the start of the year until Monday….. I have not yet broken my resolutions……..


    ….and in fact I could eat chocolate again until Sunday night……..

    yep! ….you definately get my vote Amber

    …in fact maybe we should start a campaign of "Amber for Prime Minister"?


    1. Would I ever have to leave the house for that? If I can do it from my bed, I'm in: I will campaign for no more winter ever, and fabulous shoes on the NHS!

  6. I remember last January had a few false starts as well. Maybe it's such a time of presumed upheaval (new this, new that, resolutions, yadda yadda) that we feel disconnected and confused. The eternal drear and gloom, doesn't help either. Boo.
    .-= Amanda Nicole´s last blog ..I! have made baguette. =-.

  7. Sorry to hear you are having such a bad start to 2010, We on the other hand are having to exact opposite problem down here in Athens. it's usually about -2c > 0c over here at this time of the year, but the whole of October, November & December, and up to last Sunday, it has been 24c (65-70 deg f ). Now I can hear you all say …FaNtAsTiC ! …well it's not like that, you see just as everyone prepares for summer we all prepare for winter. Carpets come out and are laid ( we all have tiled floors over here)curtains are changed all cupboards are emptied and replaced with winter clothes and shoes ( the summer ones are sent for storage or to the cellar) pipes are re-lagged and the buildings main central heating is serviced and turned on.

    Now we are also having mega problems with the water situation, as it has not snowed ον the mountains, and not rained for months, meaning in a couple of months Athens will be running short of water even before spring sets in. I have not came round to the trees and plants which think it is spring so are all in full bloom. This means when a slight cold spell does come round (and it will) all the fruits on the trees and veggies on the plants will fail. Finally, (my rant is nearly over), all the animals that usually find a cozy place to hibernate for the cold spell, are still awake looking for food. The mice and rats are breeding and multiplying like wild fire making our winter a nightmare. I think you will all have the picture by now. So We are thinking of moving back to Scotland for the winter, …..anyone

    for a swap?

  8. Seriously, you should spend a January in Australia some time. You won't complain about the cold after that. We had 45C on Monday. I hope your January improves rapidly, though.
    .-= Tracey´s last blog ..The sparkle =-.

  9. "Some people don't even HAVE weather" made me Laugh Out Loud!

    Working on the "butterfly flapping its wings on the other side of the world theory" I've set up the fan in my lounge so that hopefully the cold air from the fan will blow the hot air in our lounge in your direction. Obviously it's not going to get there for a while what with the seas and the continents and all that, but it's worth a try. It's either going to make you warmer or start a war, who knows with chaos theory.
    .-= Selina´s last blog ..More things that make me want to break my no-spend pact – Illamasqua pastel polishes =-.

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