This kit was sent to me to review a few weeks ago, and while my nails are currently much too short to do an effective French manicure, I’ve been using the pink and clear polishes regularly, and in fact, the pink has become my “go-to” polish for day-to-day wear.

I haven’t taken a photo of this on, because it’s much too subtle to actually show up. This is exactly why I like it, though: it’s a very natural pale pink colour with just a hint of shimmer: it basically makes my nails look glossy and healthy, and with just a hint of rosy colour, which is perfect for anyone who wants their nails to look polished, without actually looking like you’re wearing a lot of, er, polish, if that makes sense.

Both this and the clear polish are easy to apply: they go one smoothly, with no streaking, and they dry quickly and evenly, so they’re easy to use if you’re in a hurry. It also lasts for days without chipping, which is good for lazy people like me. No, it’s not the most exciting polish around, but it’s still a pretty good deal, especially given that you’re getting all three for just £4.

This kit is available from the E.L.F website, which you’ll find here.

  1. That is a sweet deal indeed. I was going through a French manicure phase a few weeks ago (it was followed by glittery baby pink, and now will be followed by shimmeryblack) and I got a Bourjois french manicure set and it set me back about £10.

  2. I have used this product and the French manicure kit with the nude base coat. I love it. It lasts a long time and has made my nails protected so they grow longer. The price is reasonable too.

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