I have to be honest here: I chose this shampoo purely because it was part of a “four products for £3” deal at Asda last week. And I’m actually really pleased I did. As I mentioned last week, my hair has been through the mill recently, being exposed to sun, wind and snow, all in the space of a few weeks – not to mention the daily torment of the hairdryer. It was badly in need of some special attention, then, and although this shampoo came from the bargain bin, it isn’t called “Care & Repair” for nothing, and it’s designed for “hair damaged by daily wear and tear”, which sounded like just what I was looking for.

I’ve been using it for about a week now, and so far, so good. It has a pleasant, fruity scent, lathers up nicely, and I only need to use a little bit of it at a time, so it should be fairly long-lasting. Most importantly, though, it’s had a positive effect on my hair, and it’s the kind of different I notice as soon as I use it. I’ve forgotten to tie my hair back before bed a few times recently, and have consequently woken up with a mess of tangles on my head. This shampoo is very nourishing, though, and seems to cut through the tangles, so as soon as I use it, my hair feels softer and silkier, and is easier to style.

There’s been no build-up, either, so overall I think I got a pretty good deal with my “four-for-£3” offer: my other three selections were all Sunsilk conditioners, which I haven’t had the chance to use yet, but will review soon!

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  1. I haven’t seen Sunsilk products in AGES. I thought they might have gone bust or something… Apparently not! I used to love their deep cleansing shampoo which claimed to keep her squeaky clean for 48 hours xx

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