Friday Face: Snow Days

This is what I’ve been looking like this week – well, on the rare occasions I’ve ventured out of doors, anyway:

Not a disguise, just looks like one

Yes, we’re having a whole lot of snow, and it’s not even a little bit fun, trust me. And actually, I’m seriously tempted to just keep the sunglasses* and hat on ALL the time at moment, not because of the cold, but because this weather is seriously playing havoc with my skin and hair. My skin is dry and lifeless, my hair is static and, er, lifeless, and although I’m doing my best to keep drinking lots of water, let’s just say I’m not exactly at my best right now.

This is why there’s no photo of my makeup today. But let the record show that I’m currently wearing:

Maybelline Pure Makeup Foundation in Porcelain : I bought another three tubes of this while I was in the US last summer. I still absolutely love this foundation. It’s water based, which works much better on my skin than oil-based foundation, and is more comfortable to wear when my skin’s feeling a bit dry. It’s also one of the best colour-matches I’ve been able to find: the ‘porcelain’ shade is really pale, and this tends to be the foundation I reach for on days when I’m feeling lazy and want something I can apply quickly and know it’ll look good.

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat under the eyes: I currently have dark shadows like you wouldn’t believe. Absolutely nothing has worked on them, and the aforementioned dry skin issue means that most cream conditioners just make matters worse, so I’m currently going for a “less is more” approach to the problem. This doesn’t cover the shadows (and I wouldn’t expect it to – it’s a highlighter, not a concealer), but it does more than most products I’ve tried recently.

Anastasia Brow Gel : This is dangerously close to running out – must find a replacement soon!

Urban Decay Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero : I just bought a new one of these – love it!

Lancome L’extreme Waterproof Mascara, with Diorshow Blackout layered over it: After bagging out Diorshow yesterday, I decided to wear it today on top of my usual L’Extreme, which is starting to dry out a bit, and not performing at its best. And… I loved it. I’d forgotten how glossy and black Diorshow is, and it made my lashes look much thicker and longer than L’Extreme alone, so maybe I’ve judged it too harshly. I’m certainly loving it today, anyway!

Revlon Colourstay Lipstick in Top Tomato – I’ve worn this a lot since my initial review of it, and I even went out and re-purchased it when I lost my original tube (it obviously turned up the INSTANT I returned home with my new purchase). It’s a much nicer red than my original photos show, and I’ve been going through a “bright red lipstick” phases recently, so I like the fact that I can put this on in the morning and then go about my business of, er, drinking coffee, without having to touch it up constantly. It’s not the best lipstick in the world, and I know a lot of people don’t like it, but it seems to work for me.

And there we have it! What’s your Friday Face this week?

*People tend to tease me (or just roll their eyes at me) for wearing sunglasses all the time, but the combination of brilliant white snow and equally brilliant sunlight makes it a lot like living in a ski resort at the moment: the light is absolutely dazzling. And I have really light-sensitive eyes, anyway, so sunnies it is!