I woke up with a lurgy this morning: sore throat, runny nose, general feeling of, “Oh crap, January done kicked me in the ass AGAIN.” Great!

Actually, that’s not quite true: I woke up in the middle of the night with the lurgy. My throat felt like sandpaper, and my trusty bottle of water was still on my desk in the office, where I’d left it, so I was forced to run the gauntlet of the hall, and all of the DEMONS that live in it  (No more demon noises to report, by the way. We’re taking the “if we just stick our heads in this handy pile of sand, here, it’ll be like it never happened!”) to retrieve it. It was at that point that I more or less abandoned all plans for the day, including my plan to return to the gym for THE FIRST TIME SINCE DECEMBER. Instead, I just returned to bed, and didn’t get up until… well, some considerable time later. I wish I could hibernate for the winter, like a little animal. It seems to be my natural inclination at this time of year.

In slightly better news, when I did finally wake up, it was to the sound of the postman bringing me my new shoes:

Yes, they still have the label on the sole, because I was too lazy/lurgy-filled to remove it. I probbaly won’t be able to wear them until about May, though, so that’ll give me time to painstakinginly pick it off, cursing and whining as I do so. (Why must they stick horrible labels on the soles of my shoes, WHY?)

Is it nearly Spring yet?

  1. What a beautiful pair of shoes! You know what they say, buying shoes cures the blues. Even in the wintertime. They also mention something about hot lemonade and honey for the sore throat, but I found that a quick swig of something colourless from the liquor cabinet does the trick in numbing the pain for a while. Disgusted facial expression is optional. That's how I made it through some very important events (and naturally, I got sick on the morning before…)

  2. Lurgy to coincide with the Great Melting? That's no good! I hope you feel better soon – the only thing that makes me feel better when I have lurgy like that is hot Ribena and my Sex and the City DVDs. Shoes are good too, of course!
    .-= Roisin´s last blog ..The Pineapple Tart =-.

  3. Well, it's not only little animals that hibernate – bears do it too, or so they say… and of course it's nearly Spring! I've heard lots of birds tweeting today, so it must be. And – I have my office window open, what more proof do we need?? (Oh, except it's a little bit foggy out there now ….!)

    Hope you're feeling better soon – take time out to get better, otherwise you'll only have a relapse. That's my advice, anyway. Best to postpone the gym, it'll only make matters much worse. 🙂

  4. I am shattered, Winter is trying it's best to kill me but I'm fighting on with the help of alcohol and pizza.

    Those shoes are AHmazing!! Very jealous! x
    .-= arlene´s last blog ..Knitwit =-.

  5. Oh, poor Amber! No fun, huh? It's lovely and balmy over here in western USA- or it was yesterday, it's pretty gloomy today. Anyway, just stick it out a tad longer, spring is coming along!

  6. Love the shoes! 🙂 One question… how on earth do you walk in something so tall/high without snapping your ankles?! I have a very similar Jessica Simpson pair (obviously not so high) and I love how versital they are. :ope you feel better soon!

  7. Looks like you're "shrining" those shoes the way I do! Do you put them somewhere where you'll see them exactly as they are in the picture several times a day so that you can drool at their virgin glory, until a thin layer of dust gathers and you put them somewhere sensible?

    Hope the "new shoe" therapy helps the lurgy anyway! 🙂

  8. ok I am officially hunting down these shoes!

    Pls let me know where to find them, tried the Dune site…nada and I live in Germany so no chance of catching me in the street wearing your exact killer heels.

    By the way, I just bought a pair of louboutins on net-a-porter! guilt, guilt. :-O

    I'm officially a shoe shopaholic!

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