Tweezerman After Tweeze Soothing Cream

You know what? I’m amazed I don’t already own this product – or one very like it, at least.

As fellow mono-brow owners will probably testify, keeping the brow at bay can involve a lot of tweezing. If I left it alone for even a day or two, I’d start looking like Liam Gallagher, and this is why my desert island beauty item would always be a set of tweezers. Always.

Tweezing may keep me looking more human than ape, but it can also leave me with a large red patch between the eyes. Not so hot. This product, however, is designed specifically o soothe the brow area after tweezing: it contains ingredients including honey to soothe and moisturize the area, and it’s good for both tweezers and waxers.

Get it at ASOS, where it costs £7.

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