So, in common with pretty much everyone else on Twitter, I joined Formspring, which is a site where people ask each other questions and, er, answer them.

I was actually a bit wary about this. I tried something similar a while back, and a lot of the questions were a bit… well, it was like people thought I was standing trial or something, and they were the hard-bitten lawyers for the prosecution. So I dropped the whole question thing, and forgot all about it. But then everyone started joining Formspring, and if there’s a bandwagon in town, I like to be on it (albeit I’m usually the last aboard, and the bandwagon is pulling out of the station with me running after it like a lunatic), so I joined.

And then I sat and worried that this was going to turn out to be A Mistake, and that the anonymous nature of the thing would mean I’d just get the usual bunch of “Y r u so ugly?” and “How much r the combustion engines u r selling in ur shop?” and “Do u no u suck lol lol lol!” stuff masquerading as “questions”. But so far, so good, and because there are only so many posts I can write about the Mouse Man and how much the people at the gym annoy me (Seriously, people, PERSONAL SPACE. Get some.), I’m going to be using some of them as blog fodder over the next few… however long. So if there’s a burning question you’ve always wanted to ask me, now is the time to ask it, and there’s even a handy little box over in the sidebar for you to do it, although feel free to post your question in the comments box here if you prefer. It can be, like, Formspring Friday or something. OK, maybe not.

(Just nothing creepily personal, or rude, please. And no maths questions. And remember: I! AM! NOT! A! SHOP!)

Oh, here are the first set of questions and answers:

what has been your #1 fashion faux pas over the years? by delphinapterus

I’ve committed a huge number of fashion mistakes over the years! I’d say my most consistent one was probably the selection of micro mini-skirts which I apparently thought in my youth were acceptable wear for absolutely everything, including the weekend job I had at the time. But the worst one has to be the shell suit I had when I was a kid: the fact that everyone was wearing them at the time is no excuse!

If you had to choose only one beauty item what would it be?

Lancome L’Extreme Waterproof mascara: my holy grail!

What are your go-to make up products?

Lancome L’Extreme waterproof mascara, NARS Orgasm blusher, Urban Decay eyeliner, Benefit High Beam, YSL Touche Eclat, Bobbi Brown under-eye concealer, Maybelline Pure Makeup foundation, Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, MAC Viva Glam lipstick.

I wear most of these, with the exception of the lipstick) pretty much every day. I’m a creature of habit 🙂

What are your absolute favourite shoes of all time? (Whether you own them or not)?

I’m kind of weird in that I’ve never really had “favourites” i.e. I couldn’t name a favourite book, film, song etc because there are just too many of them, and they all appeal to me for different reasons, or at different times.

I guess what I’m saying is that I’m way too indecisive to have a favourite ANYTHING, so while there are lots of shoes I love, I don’t think I could pick an all-time favourite. The best I can do is to tell you my favourites RIGHT NOW, which are these:

In red. Pretty please.

If you could instantly become an expert at one style of dance, what style would you pick?

Ballet. I took classes for a couple of years as a kid, and then gave it up due to sheer laziness. But it’s so graceful and beautiful to watch, and for some reason the discipline of it appeals to me. And I like tutus.

  1. As soon as I started reading this post I thought of the question, “Do you know where I can get some shoes like the ones with the nice heel that I saw in Office the other day, but suiting my style more?” But you stole my thunder in the next paragraph! 😉

    You’re very brave to go on FormSpring though – when I think of a question that doesn’t seem too boring or intrusive, I shall ask it…

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