Look, everyone,  a present! But who is it from?

Well, it’s from Jelly Pong Pong, and it’s a box of their Shadow Taffy, which they describe as “Melted-down eye shadow in a unique taffy texture. Thicker than a cream, more long-lasting than a mousse, one smooth glide is all you need to coat your lids in superb colour. Infused with iridescence so that it doubles as a highlighter.”

Isn’t this the cutest packaging ever?

I love this little guy. I think I’ll call him Frank.

And what’s inside the tub? This:

Two eye colours, both with a waxy kind of texture to them (unsurprising given that one of the ingredients is beeswax), which are designed for quick application – just smooth it on the eyelid and you’re good to go, basically. Here’s what the brown colour looks like swatched:

And here’s the pink:

I had to take both of these shots with the flash on, because the light was fading, but they’re actually pretty true to the colours, and give you an idea of the iridescence. The brown shadow is perhaps slightly less sparkly than it looks in the photo, and both colours go on reasonably sheer. You can layer them up, but I found that they’re best used for a subtle dose of colour/shimmer than for more dramatic looks.

This is easy to use, subtle, and good for people like me, who don’t like to wear a lot of eyeshadow. My only criticism of it is that I didn’t find it to be particularly long-lasting, and had to top it up during the day, although, to be fair, I didn’t bother to use a primer with it, and that will obviously make a difference.

As for the pink colour, I haven’t used it on my eyes because it’s just not my colour: it does, however, make a rather nice cheek tint, with a lovely shimmer to it, and I can see myself getting loads of use out of it!

Excuse the super-serious look, it’s probably because half my head is missing…

If you want to try this, it’s £15, and available from Jelly Pong Pong.

  1. That is the BEST PACKAGING EVER. I want to have birds on everything now. And try out just exactly what kind of texture this is.

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