Well, it may have taken me a long time to get round to trying Liz Earle’s famous Hot Cloth Cleanser, but I’ve now been using it for just under a month, and I’m happy to say it’s been worth the wait!

I was sent this by the folks at Liz Earle, along with the Instant Skin Boost Tonic from the range, so I’ve been using both products together, as a double-whammy for my skin. The Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser was the product I was most interested in out of these two, having read lots of glowing reviews of it over the years. It came with two muslin cloths, and the idea is that you massage the cleanser onto your face, and then dampen the cloth with hot water (it should be damp rather than wet), before using it to massage off the product.

I was actually slightly dubious about this at first. I’m used to dampening my skin BEFORE applying cleanser, and I tend to like products that you can work up to a nice lather, purely because they make you FEEL like you’re really doing a great job of cleaning your skin (whether you actually ARE, of course, is another matter altogether). So I was a little concerned that my skin wouldn’t feel properly clean after using this – a concern which turned out to be totally unfounded, because of course the application of the “hot cloth” does leave the skin feeling fresh and clean, although it’s very gentle on the face, and doesn’t make your face feel “scrubbed”, like some harsher products can.

I also really liked the muslin cloth, the state of which provides an easy way to tell how clean your skin is: no more makeup on the cloth means no more makeup on your face, either!

The fact that this product is so gentle is one of its big plus-points, and the time you spend massaging it in and then “polishing” it off is also a nice circulation booster. It does a pretty thorough job of removing makeup, too: I’m still using an eye-makeup remover to get rid of my waterproof mascara, but Cleanse & Polish gets rid of the rest very easily, including the residue of that mascara, some of which always ends up under my eyes when I’m removing it, no matter how thorough I think I’m being!

As I mentioned at the start of this review, I’ve been using this cleanser for almost a month now. In that time, I’ve had no breakouts at all, my skin has felt smooth and soft, and looks brighter. The other thing I’ve noticed is that the dry patches I tend to notice in the winter, particularly under the eyes, and around my mouth and nose, seem to have cleared up, and my skin feels healthier: this is probably the best thing about these products for me, because at this time of year my skin can look very dull and dry, which obviously isn’t a good look on anyone!

The next step in this regime is the Instant Skin Boost Tonic – basically a toner, which is used after cleansing to sooth and brighten the skin, and to add another layer of moisture. I’ve admitted before that I’m very lazy about toner, and although I’ve always done my best to look after my skin, toner is the one step I’m willing to skip, mostly in order to save myself some money.

This product is really nice to use, though: it does feel very refreshing to splash it on after cleansing and the lack of residual makeup/grime on my cotton wool pad after I’ve used it is further proof that the cleanser has done its job! In the past, I’ve found that some toners can leave my skin feeling very tight and dry – not so this one: like the cleanser, it’s very gentle and soothing, and not at all drying. Would I buy it myself? At £11.25 per bottle, I’m going to say “probably not”. It IS pleasant to use, but I’m not sure how much of a difference it actually makes, so while I like it, and would recommend it to those who are already convinced of the benefits of a good toner, I must admit I’ll probably stay stingy on this one!

Anyone else using these products? What do you think of them?

  1. I have used this in the past and its very good, but I’m so flighty with my skincare I never seem to stick with anything for very long. I do remember this making my skin feel fantastic and I liked using the muslin cloth, it was sort of nostalgic and reminded me of using a face cloth when I was a child!

    The only thing that I wasn’t really sure about was the overwhelmingly floral smell of the products. At this exact moment in time, I’m remembering that smell and feeling slightly sick but thats as much because I’m on the tail-end of a bout of food poisoning as anything else!
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