I WAS actually joking when I mentioned “Formspring Friday” last week, but I’ve started to get a few repeat questions over there, which made me realise that some people might not realise I was answering some of the questions on the Formspring website, rather than here. So I’m giving this whole “posting on a Friday” thing one last go.  If you have something you want to ask, the box is on the right, or feel free to post a comment!

If you could buy a how to guide for anything, what would it be? by azkadelliamj

I’d buy a guide on how to stop losing things all the time – it would revolutionise my life!

Amber,I have two questions.One why is it that you’re majorly pretty and a fab dresser and people complain about your red headedness?And two where the frigg did Terry learn to photoshop so well?

Haha, thanks for the compliment 🙂

On the first one, I’ve no idea why people bash redheads: I think it’s just a combination of stupidity, plus the need to try and hurt other people in order to feel better about themselves. Pretty sad, really, but says a lot about them and nothing at all about me.

Terry is a web designer by trade, so his Photoshop skills are a result of that.

Tell us about your best friend.

My best friends are really Terry and my parents, which is a boring answer, I know, but a true one!

As far as friends who aren’t related to me by blood or marriage go, my best friend is someone I met on my first day of university, and have been friends with ever since. We share the same kind of sense of humour, taste in shoes and other important things like that 🙂

Unfortunately for me, she lives in the south of England, so I don’t get to see her very often, which is hard, especially now that she has a gorgeous little boy who I’d love to see more of!

do you know jane from sea of shoes?what can you say about her taste in shoes?

I don’t know her personally, no, but I’ve seen her blog. She has some amazing shoes, as far as I’ve seen – I love her “shoe wall!”

What were the last 5 movies you watched?

My Life in Ruins
Mean Girls
The Time Traveler’s Wife
The Lovely Bones

Which of your blogs is your favourite? And which would you give up if you absolutely had to? xx

I don’t really have a favourite, but I guess my personal blog (foreveramber.co.uk) means most to me because it’s basically a personal journal, while the others are business concerns, and are much more impersonal because of that.

If I had to give up one, I would give up whichever of the business blogs was least profitable/successful at the time. At the moment that would be my writing blog, which I just don’t have the time to update, despite the best of intentions – there just aren’t enough hours in the day!

If you ever leave Scotland, Will you come to America? Pretty please?

I would love to, but the American government won’t let me in! We’ve looked into it really carefully, and it’s horrendously difficult to immigrate to the US from the UK, so unless we suddenly become very rich, we wouldn’t qualify for a Green Card under the current rules – boo!

Do you see yourself living in Scotland for ever?

I really hope not! We can’t afford to move at the moment, unfortunately, but I would love to be able to move away at some point – it’s never been my plan to live here forever!

Do people recognise you in the street? Like a blog celebrity?

Haha, I certainly hope not, given that I sometimes go out of the house wearing two different boots!

No, I’ve never been recognised from my blog (to my knowledge)- it’s not well-enough known for that to happen, and I don’t think I have many readers in my town, other than my friends and family. So I fly below the radar 🙂

How often do you get your hair cut/ trimmed?

When it gets to the stage where I can’t stand it any longer! I know you’re supposed to have it cut every six weeks, but I really hate going to the hairdressers, so it’s probably more like every 2-3 months.

  1. Hey, I’d so recognise you in the street! The fiance and I are planning to do a little trip to Scotland in summer, and I’m secretly hoping I’ll accidentally walk into you (more or less literally, I generally don’t look where I’m going) in a shoeshop or something. Because obviously there’s only one shoeshop in the whole Scotland.

  2. I always keep my eye out for you when I’m shopping in Edinburgh, but I’d be afraid to say hello because I generally look tired and nowhere near as lovely as you do!

    1. Oh God, no, I always look exhausted! And I sometimes wear two odd shoes 🙂 Seriously, if you ever see me, I’m the one with the eye bags and a slightly rumpled look!

  3. hey! Do you have a youtube account? I think you would be great at it! and Terry could help u with the tech-y stuff!

    1. I'm not sure what you mean – I do have a You Tube account, but we prefer to use Vimeo, because You Tube constantly removed the soundtrack from videos, and the comments on most You Tube videos are just horrible. There are links to the videos we've done in the sidebar.

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