Idiot of the Week Award: “Gingers smell like tuna”

A comment I received on Saturday morning from a reader known as “Dillon”:


 “I personally hate gingers. the red hair is not pretty, dye your hair please! i live with a ginger and she is the worst person ive ever met. she is mean about everything and never stops complaining. not to mention she smells like tuna. don’t even get me started on the freckle situation. all im saying is that gingers really have no souls, they are heartless little gingers.”

Thanks for stopping by, Dillon! I, too, hate people who are mean! Please don’t ever breed!



  • Cookie says:

    Ah, what an insightful and clever individual. All redheads should indeed not only dye their hair but also undergo medical sterilization so that they can never ever breed and produce more heartless, soulless monsters. Who smell of tuna.

    Because it is clear- some hair and skin colours are better than others, aren't they? I mean, we can't go around allowing EVERYONE to breed as they wish! Oh mrs Amber, you really are strange sometimes. You'd have people live in a free world… ts ts ts

  • Leah says:

    How delightful. Being a proud ginger with a ginger girlfriend we encounter too many insults to mention but on Saturday we were walking our dog and passed 3 young men (they were in their early 20’s) sitting with several blue carrier bags (mmm, wonder what was in them?) who watched us as we crossed the road. As we passed them, they shouted “GINGER” at the tops of their voices. I expected something more when I looked at them but no, that was it. Pitiful. Seriously, all that alcohol must have addled their brains, 3 of them couldn’t come up with anything more interesting or insulting than the colour of our hair. Wow.
    .-= Leah´s last blog ..Belated Christmas Cake Truffles =-.

    • Amber says:

      I get that ALL THE TIME, and it's actually the "insult" that always confuses me most, on account of it's actually just a statement of fact. I don't know if these people are so proud of their observational skills that they just want to show them off or something? It always makes me want to start going around shouting, "BRUNETTE!" or "BLONDE!" at people, just so I can get that same sense of achievement :)

    • Alex says:

      I love the stating of the bleedin' obvious. I might just start walking around yelling "TALL!" "NOT QUITE AS TALL!" or even "HUMAN!" at people (though that last one can be a bit debatable in some cases).

      And to think I always wanted red hair and was jealous of people who have it! (Can't dye it either, skin tone does not suit).

  • Leigh says:

    Y'know, I just paid good money last week to get my hair dyed red. Well, auburn, I guess. (Full-on red is just so hard to maintain.) I do not understand the hate people have for redheads. The only explanation I can conceive of is envy.
    .-= Leigh´s last blog ..All wet n wild Products 40% Off at Rite Aid! =-.

  • MallyMon says:

    So why does this Dillon continue to live with 'a ginger' then? (And what on earth has happened to his/her punctuation?!!) Even when people try to be clever with their insults, they're not. (Tuna doesn't smell that bad, though. Kippers would be worse. And also, gingerish.)

  • Mousy says:

    Gingers have no souls, eh? I guess it must also be true that you can't see their reflection in a mirror, and they shy away from crucifixes? Gingers! The spawn of the devil and thirsty bloodsuckers of night! Yeesh.

    I love your hair. :D

  • Hayley says:

    What. An. Ass.

    That is all.
    .-= Hayley´s last blog ..*cough, cough* Is this thing on? =-.

  • Laura says:

    I have been reading your blogs for quite some time now (all of them, every day – no, I don't have a life of my own, it seems) but haven't said anything so far. Now, however, I just wanted to add that I only learned about people's hate towards redheads a few years ago and was utterly confused. I have, as long as I can remember, wanted red hair (and now I have it and have to pay unspeakable amounts of money to my hairdresser to keep it that way but it's so worth it, too!) and found redheads – with freckles! gosh I wish I had freckles! – absolutely beautiful.

    Thought I'd say that.

    Have a nice day, you're beautiful and talented and I admire you. :)

    • Jean says:

      I, too, just recently learned that redheads were hated! I don't understand it. I think red hair and freckles are absolutely beautiful, and I am always wishing I was a natural redhead, instead of just a plain old light brunette.
      .-= Jean´s last blog ..Review: Cover Girl Candy Apple =-.

  • ayemiy says:

    your hair is beautiful.
    .-= ayemiy´s last blog ..I actually NEED to know… =-.

  • Rachel Bell says:


    If we ignore the insult ( because I think that's all we can sensibly do without depressing ourselves), we could try and address the bigger picture around "statement of the obvious".

    I suffer from remarks daily about my height, and ended up benefiting from a pre-prepared list of retorts to the comment "goodness aren't you tall" ( found at ).

    Maybe you should start one of those ginger liberation fronts to fight against gingerism wherevers there are "staters of the blindingly obvious". You will have guessed that smart comments are not my strongest suit, but my offering would be

    when somebody shouts GINGER !, reply with "I thought only humans could see in colour"

    OK…OK.. I know!….but you get the drift

    And finally – I would just like to point out that your hair should be listed as a national treasure and that "some of my best friends are ginger"

    Rachel :)

  • Ally C says:

    HEY! gingers are the cutest thing! If my skintone allowed it I'd dye my hair ginger, sadly i'd look like an umpa lumpa :/
    .-= Ally C´s last blog ..Dress of the Day =-.

  • Rock Hyrax says:

    Interesting: usually trolls with such a poor command of English tend to swear more.

  • Stephanie says:

    So if red (ginger) hair allegedly makes you evil and smell like tuna, how would dying your hair actually help? So the woman he so clearly despises (that lives with him), all she has to do is dye her hair and it is all better? Maybe it is living with him has driven her over the edge to insanity!

  • Emma C says:

    What's the bet Dillion is 12-years-old?

    I've heard most of the ginger jokes going (having gingery/auburn hair myself) but the insults lose their value when you realise most of the people who shout them are…brain cell deficient.

    It does annoy me when I see it on TV though, or when the media insist on labelling Nicola from Girls Aloud as the 'Ugly One'. You wouldn't be allowed to make racists remarks about someone's skin, so why make them about someone's hair??

  • Beth says:

    I'd quite like to know the logic behind the ginger and smelling of tuna correlation. Surely these must be independent traits, rather than one being dependent on/related to the other?

    Also, if you were ginger and tuna-scented, wouldn't dying your hair just make you blonde and tuna-scented or brunette and tuna-scented? It would only solve one of the "problems" wouldn't it.

    *rolls eyes*
    .-= Beth´s last blog ..A Final Farewell =-.

  • Nikki G says:

    Why doesn't Dillon just move away from the evil "ginger"? Oh wait, that would actually mean Mr. Dillon's situation was REAL. How sad he had to make up a story of a red haired roommate or girlfriend just to insult a complete stranger. Bravo, Dillon, bravo. Maybe now you can go back to playing video games, alone, in your mom's basement. Also, could someone please find some way to ban the word "ginger" as a description for someone. It just sounds mean and derogatory.

  • ginny potter says:

    hahahahahaha,what an effing loser!!!!! >) clearly he has nothing better to do than just sit around smelling his ginger haired girl,right!oh wait hes probably a lonely 40 year old living with his mother!!!! besides,it akes one to know one,you moron!!!!!!!!!!!!!! clearly hes secretly in love with you since all he does is sit around staring at your pic! besides ginny weasly is a red head and she got harry potter!!! (but we all know he belongs with me if he werent fictional) what a ignoramous.

  • Christine says:

    I think Dillon has his eye on a ginger, wants her to be his girlfriend, and she obviously can’t stand him.

    I am a ginger, married to a ginger, and obviously, reproduced…ginger haired children. My husband is one big freckle, I have none :( and my son has very few. Part of my background is Canadian Indian and Scottish, and those dark hair genes dominated for a few generations, but red overcame them all and I was born a redhead.

    I can’t believe people just go about shouting “Ginger”. Are they just trying to prove they can both spot and identify the colour?

    I went to the Isle of Skye (where my family is from) and I just seemed to blend right in with the redheaded crowd.

    Keep on fighting!

  • David says:

    If Dillon hates gingers, why the fuck is (s)he reading your blog????

  • Kristabella says:

    Please, please, please tell me you wrote him back and asked "THEN WHY DO YOU LIVE WITH HER?"
    .-= Kristabella´s last blog ..I’m……Well, Overwhelmed Is A Good Word For It =-.

  • ginny potter says:

    gimmie anL-O-S-E-R and what does that spell?LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! moron.

  • Summergal says:

    When I was a young "ginger" growing up my dad used to always say to me "when a redhead walks into a room everyone takes notice, the men will be intrigued and the women jealous." Any time I hear a negative comment about redheads (which are much more prized in the U.S. but still at the scrutiny of some haters) I think about his words.

  • Caz says:

    I wonder if these morons know how much time and money some people (ie me) put into trying to obtain you’re hair colour! Every time I see a picture of you it makes me insanely jealous…If I didn’t love the blogs so much I’d have to leave for good to control the green eyed monster better :D
    .-= Caz´s last blog ..Oh I’m so naughty =-.

  • Sandy says:

    What an idiot! I like that you're publicly shaming this wacko. Don't listen to the haters…redheads are great. And I hereby promise to never refer to you (or any redhead, for that matter) as the dreaded G-word.

    Your hair is beautiful, by the way. There's a ton of people who shell out the mega bucks in salons so they can look like that. Think of all the money you're saving because you're naturally awesome!

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