I am amazed! And happy! Something I lost… has been found! And so has my faith in humanity, because I seriously thought that if someone found them, they would either keep them or stick them on eBay. But no: some lovely, kind person has found them, and has handed them in, my special, bought-on-honeymoon sunglasses, which I will never, ever let out of my sight again once I get them back tomorrow!

I have to thank Terry for this development. Having called the mall and established that they hadn’t been handed in to the lost and found there, Terry felt it would perhaps be worth calling each of the stores I’d visited last weekend to ask if, by any chance they’d been handed in directly to them. My mum also suggested this, and even volunteered to do the calling-around herself.

“Nah,” said I, slipping effortlessly into the character of a sullen teenager who feels the world is OUT TO GET HER. “There’s no point. They are GONE. I will never see those sunglasses again! NEVER! Remember the green dress? And the top? THEY NEVER CAME BACK. Also: I went into exactly one thousand and eighty-two stores, so I’d need to spend the rest of my life calling them all, only to have my hopes dashed over and over and over again, JUST LIKE ALWAYS. Woe! Woe! And again: WOE!”

And then I put on one of my Smiths CDs and sulked in my bedroom for eight hours.

Luckily for me, though, Terry is an actual grown-up, and still HAS his faith in humanity. So this afternoon he started calling round all the stores, and… well, you know the rest.

Thank you Terry. Thank you, kind stranger who handed in my prechus. Thank you, universe. I promise I will try to be more careful in future.

(I will also try and buy that handbag I spotted this afternoon that would be less likely to allow things to fall out of it. Well, it’ll be cheaper than buying replacement sunglasses.)

  1. Ah, that's excellent news! And well done to Terry for doing the phoning round – there are few men who would do that. 🙂

    You didn't lose them on the day when you were preoccupied by the mismatched boots, did you?

    1. I think I probably did: I was probably so distracted by The Horror (and, er, the frenzied shopping) that I didn't notice them fall out. And I had a lot of bags to keep an eye on, so it wouldn't have been hard to lose track of something. Well, not for me, anyway 🙂 I'm so happy that they've been handed in, though, I could hug whoever it was who found them!

  2. Oh, I'm so glad you got your babies back. I have a pair of Chanel sunglasses that are my favorites, and if I lost them, the world would end.

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