Invisalign Clear Braces: Part 2 – The Fitting

My journey towards (hopefully) perfect teeth moved on a stage this month, when I had my fitting for my first set of Invisalign braces.

The appointment lasted about forty minutes, and after an examination of my teeth and some scraping to remove a bit of tartar build-up, the dentist took some x-rays of my teeth and jaw to allow him to look at how long the roots of my teeth are, and see if there were any problems which might prevent me having braces.

Luckily everything looked good (well, as good as wonky teeth can look, I guess), so we moved onto the next stage: taking impressions for the braces.  I’ve actually been through something like this before, when I had my teeth whitened, and had impressions taken for the trays I used, but I’d forgotten how unpleasant it is for those with an easily-triggered gag reflex. Like me, for instance.

Although I’m only having a brace on my lower teeth (for now), I had to have impressions taken of both the top and bottom sets, so that the Invisalign lab who make up the braces can look at the bite. This involved the insertion of huge trays filled with a putty-like substance into my mouth: luckily each tray was only there for a couple of minutes at most, but I spent that time convinced I was going to gag. Hopefully it’ll all be worth it in the end.

After that, the dentist went over exactly what will be happening next, and I had some time to ask questions. The good news is that I’ll only need to wear the brace for around six months, which is less time than I’d been expecting. Having looked at the x-rays and done a more detailed examination of my teeth, my dentist also thinks Invisalign may be able to close a gap I have in my top teeth, which has bothered me all my life. Time to get saving, I guess!

I’ll have my first brace by the end of the month. Hopefully I’ll have my straight teeth six months later!