Jelly Pong Pong Lip Orchid Lip Balms in Petal Pink and Bouquet

More pretty packaging from Jelly Pong Pong - a brand name guaranteed to make Mr Dollface laugh every single time I say it!

These two little ‘Lip Orchid’ balms come as part of a set, and although they were sent to me last month, it’s taken me a while to get round to trying them out properly, mostly because I’ve been spending my time just sniffing them. These are seriously some of the nicest smelling products I’ve tried in a long time – as the name would suggest, they both have a very floral scent, which I really like. Take a look under the jump to see some colour swatches, and what these look like on…

As you can see, these are quite bright colours, and they’re still fairly intense on the lips. The Petal Pink colour was far too pale for my complexion, but I was pleasantly surprised by Bouquet, which looks quite orangey in the tub, but is less so when you’re actually wearing it:

These are both fairly glossy, and have a nice, smooth texture which helps soften the lips. I wouldn’t buy them as a set, purely because the pink colour didn’t suit me, but I would buy Bouquet on its on: I tend to find that most tinted lip balms really are just “tinted”, and don’t give you a lot of colour, but this one supplies plenty of colour, plus a great scent and lovely packaging.

These are £8 each, or £12 for the set. You can buy them here.


  • Reply March 16, 2010

    Nikki G

    The lip balm looks nice, but I want these strictly for the packaging! Too bad I can’t get this brand in the US.

  • Reply March 18, 2010


    @Nikki G: What are you talking about? Their website ships to the US! :D

    • Reply March 18, 2010

      Nikki G

      OK – I’m an idiot. I see it now.

  • Reply March 18, 2010


    Oh, pfffht, there was a second part to that previous comment.

    Anyway-the packaging is lovely, but would you say these are drying after wearing them often? A lot of “balms” and “moisturizing” lip products I get end up drying out my lips, mostly because I have ridiculously dry skin/lips/hair.

    • Reply March 19, 2010


      I haven’t noticed any dryness, no, but I drink so much coffee that nothing ever stays on my lips long, so that may be why!

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