“Lash extension set?” I hear you ask. “What’s that when it’s at home?” That’s what I asked, anyway, and the answer is that it’s our old friend, false eyelashes, which, in this case, come complete with a small tube of mascara, should you want to make them look even longer and darker than they already are!

These were sent to me by Jelly Pong Pong, and I had lots of fun trying them on today: it’s just a good job no one arrived at the door, though, or they may have wondered why I was so very overdressed for an ordinary Tuesday afternoon! These are easy to apply (or as easy as false lashes get, anyway: they’re always going to be a little bit on the fiddly side) and I love the look of them when they’re on. One word of warning, though: they don’t come with adhesive, so you will need to purchase that separately if you don’t already have some.

The kit is £15 and you can buy it here.


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